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Go to Yongzhou for the spring festival, see Lingling temple fair

Temple fair, enjoy folk customs, food... the spring festival came, Yongzhou Lingling district Dongshan scenic area, Lingling ancient...

Temple fair, enjoy folk customs, food... the spring festival came, Yongzhou Lingling district Dongshan scenic area, Lingling ancient city and liuzongyuan cultural tourism area, will be held as the three venues together "2018 Lingling first folk temple fair", ceremoniously launched a series of special temple fair activities, for the vast number of visitors to elaborate a rich folk temple feast feast. The temple fair was hosted by the Lingling district Committee of Yongzhou city of the communist party of China and the Lingling district people's government of Yongzhou city, and hosted by Yongzhou weiguang Huitong ancient town cultural tourism development co., ltd., Yongzhou Lingling tourism construction investment co., ltd., assisted by Yongzhou Lingling district tourism foreign affairs bureau, Yongzhou Lingling district sports press and publication bureau, Yongzhou Lingling district cultural relics administration bureau, Yongzhou Lingling district culture and art association.

From February 8, in Lingling folk temple fair, you can not only enjoy dragon and lion dance, float parade, lantern exhibition and other traditional folk programs, feel the paper - cut, sugar - pinching, write spring festival couplets, river lights and other childhood fun, but also visit the new year's fair, folk street, food street and liuzi across the street, watch the circus performance, populist and non-cultural performance live performance... Lingling folk temple fair trip, will bring different traditional flavor.


Lingling folk temple fair opening day, Yongzhou Lingling district Dongshan scenic area will officially open the door to welcome guests, there are not only the temple, Wu temple and other national key cultural relics protection units, and Liu Zongyuan, Huai Su, fan Zhongyan second Fan Chunren and other historical celebrities living relics or Mo Bao. From February 8 to February 14, the main venue of Lingling folk custom temple fair will be set up in Dongshan scenic area. you can enjoy folk custom performance in the main stage of the main venue every day, opera performance in the big stage of Wu temple, you can also watch big circus performance in Dongshan square, and visit wonderful new year's fair in Fuzheng street.


Lingling folk temple fair branch venue Lingling ancient city, you can enjoy the stage of post plaza intangible cultural performance, can enjoy the ancient folk stage of traditional and trend of folk art, also can eat in the international food street world food and Chinese traditional snacks, in folk street and Xiang embroidery, straw weaving, paper-cutting and painting facial makeup and other non-intangible handicraft art zero distance interaction. In addition, Lingling ancient city venue features games, leisure and entertainment activities to experience. Bonfire party, Yao dance and other interactive programs absolutely let you shout enough. 


Liuzi street in the Millennium building Liuzi Temple, as liuzongyuan cultural tourism area business card, but also one of the Lingling folk temple fair venue, set history and culture, ancient architecture, scene experience as a whole, you can experience here " time and space through back to ancient times", antique streets have peddlers in the street, wandering in the street and the ancients passed by, sometimes occasionally go into the ancient people's wedding wedding scene, sometimes occasionally go into the ancient beauty show scene, there are copper interaction, the god of wealth to send blessing wonderful performance every day.


Happy to celebrate the spring festival, blessing auspicious to Lingling. Visit Lingling ancient city, visit Lingling temple fair, participate in the interaction of different themes every day - vitality Lingling happy life, wonderful baby family out, through one thousand ancient outfit got talent, clever housewife happy life, etc., in Xiao, Hunan source release praying river lamp, make the best wish for 2018. Meet Lingling, visit the ancient city of two thousand years of historical civilization, landscape vitality, temple fair, enjoy folk customs, food, experience the strong flavor of the year!

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