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Press Release

World’s First Blockchain Compliance Protocol Hooks Former Amex, IBM, Oracle Consultant as CTO

The Prefacto Compliance Protocol is at the core of iComplyICO and makes it possible for ICO issuers and investors to be assured that legal, financial and regulatory compliance procedures are adhered to throughout the lifecycle of the token, enabling the token itself to monitor and report AML, KYC, and a myriad of other compliance matters with jurisdictionally specific considerations on every transaction.

Matt Masiar, former web team lead of the international success story, PlentyOfFish (POF), has left the company to serve as CTO of iComplyICO (iComply Investor Services Inc.) and launch the enterprise solution for blockchain securities. iComplyICO is a blockchain agnostic, regulatory technology platform that automates compliance procedures for initial coin offerings and regulated digital assets.

At age 16, Masiar built his first business (Aoulous Inc.), a software development company for large-scale commercial web apps. MorWEB, a web-based mortgage broker origination system, was one of his first clients and one of the first commercial applications to widely use XML over HTTP Requests for a more dynamic and efficient end-user experience. Aoulous launched at the height of the dot com bubble and is still in operation today. Other notable clients include: Vertex MorWeb, American Express Canada, EDC Canada, Dow Chemical Corp., IBM and Oracle Eloqua.

“Matt’s passion, energy and extensive experience make him a fabulous asset. From our first discussion we saw how important speed, scale, and security would be in order to safely use public blockchains as a public consolidated audit trail for securities. His knowledge of enterprise cyber-security, digital identity authentication, and privacy compliance will be critical as we go live on the Ethereum blockchain and release a white label Developer API for enterprise networks,” said Matthew Unger, Founder and CEO of iComplyICO.

POF was acquired by in 2015 and currently runs the world's third largest production environment of Microsoft .NET, following the NSA and the Hadron Collider. At POF, Masiar led enterprise-scale technical operations and a team of 15 developers to support billions of transactions daily. He was responsible for crafting a long-term strategy to improve team velocity and reduce bottlenecks. He was also responsible for the creation of a new, fully responsive website that increased engagement by 30% and became one of the company’s top revenue generating streams.

“After nearly two decades of building tech businesses and raising capital, there are some key success factors that you start to identify. I see a lot of them in iComplyICO - a lot of the same indicators I saw at POF. The team is made of successful, multi-faceted people who are so obviously passionate about the product. The timing is ideal and even some of my typically most skeptical mentors are excited about this new venture,” said Masiar.

Masiar’s work has won numerous local and international awards, including the Webby Award, the Golden Web Award, and the W3 Award.

iComplyICO is this week launching a white label of its Prefacto Compliance Protocol, first for the Ethereum network and is beginning to partner with ICO advisors to support ICOs with global compliance and secondary trading.

“This project will open up capital markets and investment opportunities. For so long there has been a concentration of capital in the hands of a few; most people simply do not have access to venture capital and are not able to invest in large-scale projects such as real estate, infrastructure projects and advanced technology. ICOs that adhere to a compliant framework will open up the flow of capital - including institutional money, and this matters because the next great ideas can come from anywhere,” said Masiar.

About iCompyICO

iComplyICO (iComply Investor Services Inc.) is a RegTech platform that automates compliance procedures for the issuance, purchase and resale of tokens, coins and digitized assets, which have gained popularity with initial coin offerings (ICOs). iComplyICO enables these digitized assets to be securely utilized as efficient financial instruments, streamlining legal and accounting processes and providing prefacto compliance: automated checks and balances before a transaction is posted. Investors, accountants, lawyers, regulators, ICO issuers and marketing firms all benefit from an ecosystem that supports trust, decentralization and integrity.

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