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Press Release

Project Jaguar launches new E-learning Platform

The company announces its new avenue for students

While Project Jaguar continues to create platforms for institutions internationally and give students their freedom back through assignment assistance, the company is unveiling its new endeavour to launch a E-learning platform for all its students. The platform will cover all subjects, courses and topics for Eastern Caribbean and North American syllabuses including CXC and the SATs.

“Having this addition to the company will greatly increase how many students rely on us for educational assistance” CEO of Project Jaguar Trevaun Solomon said in a statement. “It will improve how regional and international students approach private tutoring.”

The platform is set to officially launch on February 10th 2018 and was announced just after a few setbacks from the previous launch date of February 1st 2018. A few of the expected features on the platform once your account is synced automatically is the option of private tutoring. Private tutoring is nothing new for Project Jaguar. The company anticipates that the unified feel of the platform will enhance the experience. According to statistics released by Project Jaguar in 2017, 22% of international students requested assistance from a private tutor for assignments instead of concept answers produced by writers from the company. The official release announcement for the company is rolling out a feature for assignment assistance that works seamlessly.

In the near future Project Jaguar plans to expand the platform to accommodate third-party teachers from partnered schools and educators. Not much information is disclosed on this feature. Proper social media integration is considered a game-changer for education, the company believes it will become a comfort zone that benefits most students. Project Jaguar wants to embrace this integration to benefit students that don’t actively use the company's services.

In the bid to maintain the new platform and offer students the best, Project Jaguar gathers a team of proficient tutors and writers along with software developers for the platform to be maintained regularly. A needed equilibrium the company cultivates to maintain its image as “something by students, for students”. The company maintains their plans to stretch towards the rest of the caribbean and the USA previously announced during their one-year anniversary. This platform is purposely designed to expedite the process of expanding to more markets internationally.

Project Jaguar stated in the official announcement of the platform, “this platform will not be replacing any existing services or products we offer.” The platform is not expected to replace the Jamboree Club that was first introduced in June last year to attract students to use the company’s suite of products on a regular basis. But we can look forward to extra perks on the platform for Jamboree Club members.

Project Jaguar includes a timeline for all features to be complete. The final date for all features is set at April 2018. For more information feel free to look at the official release announcement here:

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