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Press Release

Everything Mali, LLC – hand made teak wood is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Gift Shop Retailers Nationwide.

"A range of extremely high quality hand crafted teak wood products that are rugged and long lasting with aesthetically beautiful design and finish, from Everything Mali, LLC."
Hand crafted teak wood products from a small cooperative in rural Thailand ranging from kitchen (spoons, ladles, salad bowls),and dining items, decorative and artistic pieces, or items that are based on designs of your choice. These are extremely high quality rugged items, long lasting, with aesthetically beautiful design and finish. Our goal is to help artisans in rural Thailand lead a better life by obtaining greater worldwide distribution and more of the revenues from their products.

Everything Mali, LLC represents a (small) cooperative in rural Thailand that specializes in hand made teak wood products. These products range from kitchen and dining items (spoons, ladles, salad bowls, sauce and others various containers, plates), decorative and artistic pieces (intricately carved wall/block panels, accent pieces), or items that are based on designs of your choice.

The cooperative consists of about 20-30 teak wood artisans who have been doing this for 10-15 years each, collectively amounting to centuries of experience. These artisans are currently making pieces that are purchased by middlemen of other vendors but we are interested in developing our own business conducting direct sales at a global level. These middleman pay very little for each of the pieces and sell them for a large mark up, and the hard work of these artisans is largely unrewarded and unappreciated.

Everything Mali, LLC is run by Malithong Jankham, a successful small business owner who owned and ran a restaurant in Seattle, WA for seven years, and is currently based in New York state. Mali came out of early retirement to help this cooperative organize and bypass the middlemen to ensure that the artisans retain more of the revenue from their labour by taking advantage of the new global e-commerce revolution. This will ensure a better and fair future for the artisans and their families.

These artisans were originally created under the auspices of the Thai government and are considered the best of the best, and have received the highest possible ratings. Their pieces are part of the most famous brand in Thailand.

The products made by Everything Mali are accessible at: and

In addition to teak wood products, Everything Mali, LLC also plans to import and export hand made high quality products, with the goal of benefiting small rural communities everything in the world. These include silk fabrics, furniture, reed papyrus, and organic food products. Our goal is to become a worldwide leader in ensuring these products reach consumers who will derive the maximal benefit from them as well as helping rural artisans lead a better life by obtaining greater worldwide distribution and more of the revenues from their products.

Media Contact
Company Name: Everything Mali, LLC
Contact Person: Malithong Jankham
Phone: 716-717-2233
Country: United States

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