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Press Release

IT expert announces book on web design for newbies and professionals

Book presented in simple language that is easy to follow and implement

Calicut, India - Websites are one of the most critical aspects of business and personal promotion in today’s world. But most of the information out there about building functional sites are full of technical jargons that makes it hard for regular people to comprehend. MAHINROOP PM is proud to announce the launch of his new book "Mega Book of Website Designing" available on Amazon. The book contains instructions on how to build flash websites, Joomla sites, WordPress sites, e-commerce sites, etc. The book is useful for people who are new to web designing, as well as professionals who want to improve their skills.

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"Mega Book of Website Designing has great advice on different website designing technologies. It is recommended for every website owner, site administrators, and small business owners who need information on how to build a responsive website. The book serves its real purpose of an excellent reference guide on website designing, and it describes the characteristics of a successful website. It offers advice on website design pricing, Photoshop basics, and free website designing software," said MAHINROOP PM, the author of the book.

Mega Book of Website Designing is the perfect book for everyone who wants to build a website and promote their business or cause. It offers basic instructions, in a step-by-step format, making it easy for everyone to follow and understand. It provides useful knowledge and cuts off unnecessary details that make learning website designing boring and tedious. With the book, anyone can quickly design a website, thereby saving them so much money that would have gone to hiring professional web designers.

Get the paperback version of the book on Amazon

"Mega book of website designing is a fantastic book on website designing. This book truly deserves a five-star rating. WordPress website designing, website designing ideas for small business and Photoshop basics are covered extensively in this book. I enjoyed reading every chapter of this book, and it is a super masterclass on website designing. The author has tastefully crafted an excellent technical manual. Best wishes in the book's journey of becoming a best seller," Said Emilia K, a customer.

Mega Book of Website Designing is recommended for everyone. Newbies will find it very easy to read and follow due to the simple language, while professionals will find it refreshing, by learning new things. The book is bound to transform the way people learn web design forever.


MAHINROOP PM an Information Technology Consultant based in India. His passion is to provide high-quality educational materials that will help people quickly learn, build, and implement technology.

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