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AMCHART To Launch ICO On March 1 For Electronic Health Records (EHR) System

HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / January 29, 2018 / AMCHART, a blockchain-based EHR firm, will open its initial coin offering (ICO) to the general public on March 1, 2018. AMCHART, an AMSYS company, has raised more than $22 million in its presale offering and is aiming to raise $45 million. (U.S. residents won't be allowed to participate in the main token sale.)

The pre-sale period for accredited investors opened on January 15 and ends on February 15. The public token sale for non-U.S. citizens will start on March 1 and end on March 31, 2018.

AMCHART is developing a universal electronic health record system built on a hybrid public/private blockchain. It's designed to eliminate many of the problems with current record systems, while improving portability, migration of information, transparency and accessibility. The main objective of AMCHART is to give patients full control over their health records, and to offer providers increased confidence that blockchain technology can benefit the health record system.

It offers what AMSYS chairman and CEO Ken Parekh says is an "incentive-driven model" for better health outcomes by maintaining records, wellness program participation, population health and sharing of data with certified partners. AMCHART uses blockchain technology to store records. Patients can download an app from which they can show healthcare providers a QSR code that unlocks a patient's record.

"Patients often have to go place to place to obtain their medical records. It's a patient-driven, portable system to ensure patients have access to that record anywhere," says Parekh.

AMCHART is working with a consortium of medical centers and stakeholders in Houston, Texas.The board is comprised of healthcare professionals such as Andrew Casas, COO of UT Physicians Group and Dennis Adams, research consultant and professor at the University of Houston. Parekh is chairman and CEO of AMSYS Group, an IT firm he founded in 2003.

"One thing that really differentiates from a typical ICO is that we're not a startup. AMSYS Group was founded 15 years ago and has multiple technology and healthcare companies. Most ICOs raise money to create the product. We did it in reverse. We built the product first," says Parekh.

Doctors and Engineers

The health record system is being built, tested and rolled out in three phases.

Phase I, which is underway, is an initial MVP (minimum viable product) where patients and providers have access to the app. Phase II will integrate data collection and the layering of machine learning and AI. Phase III will include full activation of wellness programs with app usage and real-time monitoring and access of data through EHR.

AMCHART will allocate the ICO funds as follows:

  • 50% to the development of the AMCHART initiative and further improvements. Funds will also be utilized as needed to maintain the ecosystem, enhance the token and develop other blockchain initiatives to improve security and compliance.
  • 20% to continue the development of the token sale, maintenance of server architecture, nodes, mining pool creation and code algorithm.
  • 10% held in reserve for unforeseen issues related to development.
  • 10% for legal, development of interfaces, website, marketing, accounting, audit, promotion, staffing and bug bounty programs.
  • 10% for patient, provider and payer incentive programs.

AMCHART is treating the ICO as a utility token and is following SEC guidelines for initial coin offerings. No founder of AM CHART will receive tokens during the token sale.


AMCHART is a subsidiary of AMSYS Group, a national IT services provider headquartered in Houston, Texas. AMSYS was founded in 2003, earned revenues of $100 million in 2016, and is pursing an initial public offering (IPO) within the next five years. AMSYS is engaged in the crypto space through mining, cryptocurrency consulting, and private blockchain development.

AMSYS is also in the medical industry through TransWise, a company founded to provide medical practitioners, clinics and hospitals with affordable solutions to decrease healthcare costs and improve efficiency.

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