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How Facebook Builds Trust for Addiction Treatment Centers

Indianapolis, Indiana - Research tells us that nearly 20% of Americans struggle with some form of addiction. However, a much smaller percentage is actually prepared to get help and enter treatment. How do you find the people that need help and how do you make your treatment center stand out from the 12,000 other ones in the US?

The key is to build trust. Whether you have a $100,000 a month budget or a $2,000 a month budget, you need to find a way to build trust where people are. Today, that’s Google and Facebook. While Google Adwords has become unreliable and costs are still high, Facebook offers the opportunity to connect with individuals in need of support.

However, the real power is in tailored retargeting. Unlike Google Adwords, Facebook has the power to choose exactly who you’re targeting, for example, parents of Millennials. You can also filter by income level, location, and general interests.

From there, you can retarget Facebook users based on if they’ve visited your website, watched one of your videos, interacted with your ad, or liked your page. By strategically sequencing messaging, you are able to segment audiences and repeatedly follow-up with potential clients through layered messages that build trust over time.

In this fashion, once someone is on the phone, they are already committed to a specific center because they know exactly who you are and how you can help. Compare this to Adwords where people are just basically calling down a list of treatment centers they searched online with no particular commitment to any of them.

In this way, digital marketing agencies like Indianapolis-based Circle Social Inc, help people find the treatment that’s right for them and help rehabs connect with exactly the right individuals that they can help best.

According to Circle Social’s CEO, Nick Jaworski, “Building rapport and reputation with those in need of help is the key to success. Working with treatment centers across the entire country, we have consistently seen that long-term success comes from building strategic retargeting campaigns on Facebook Pair this with a responsive and compassionate admissions team, and you have a center ready to continuously fulfill its mission by helping as many people as possible. When we see in the tracking analytics that we generated 1,000 calls in a month just for one center, we get a very clear picture of the scope of the problem and how many people out there need help.”

Ethical marketing is another important element for agencies in the field of addiction treatment marketing. Unfortunately, there are many shady organizations that participate in patient brokering. They just sell names and numbers from call centers or lead generation sites, which is not in the best interest of the potential clients and increasingly illegal in several states.

The addiction treatment industry has had to really look hard at itself and realize that, if they don’t change, the powers that be will force them to. Marketing efforts through their centers is increasingly required to be with their branding, their social media accounts, their websites, and their staff. The days of just putting in an order for X number of calls from a TV media buyer is coming to a close, and many centers are not ready.

This is why any agency in the business of marketing drug and addiction rehab centers online needs to maintain the highest ethical standards. Most good agencies, such as Circle Social Inc. or Dreamscape have such declarations right at the top of their pages. This both lets rehabs know what they stand for and, also, the kind of outfits they won’t work with.

This is another reason why Facebook is such a key player now as all ads must be run through the center’s own page, containing their logo and information like their privacy policy. This keeps things transparent and potential clients or their loved ones don’t end up talking to some 3rd party call center that’s just going to turn around and sell their name and number to the highest bidder.

For more information, Circle Social Inc. may be reached through (800) 396-9927 or simply send inquiries to

You can also learn more about the company’s other services by visiting its website at

The office is located at 5225 Exploration Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46241.

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Company Name: Circle Social Inc.
Contact Person: Nick Jaworski
Phone: (800) 396-9927
Address:5225 Exploration Dr
City: Indianapolis
State: Indiana
Country: United States

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