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Gold & Silver-Backed Crypto Currency Trades Over $1 Billion in First Week Pre-Launch ICO

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 11, 2017 / BaselBit 4(#BB4), a crypto coin underpinned by blockchain and backed by the stability of .999 pure AG silver and .999 pure AU gold value, saw more than $1 billion traded in the first day of its ICO prelaunch today.

Shielded from the volatility of fiat or typical crypto currencies, the BaselBit4(#BB4) is backed by real gold value allocated in the Monetary Lien System vaults, with each BaselBit4(#BB4) coin tied to ½ ounce of 99% pure gold value. Investors can effectively buy and transfer the smallest fractions of (#BB4) directly, anywhere at any time, using gold value or as fractional coins into Silver value as an effective payment mechanism and credit system.

With its secure data key card e-wallet, set to be compatible online or at any VISA or MasterCard location, BaselBit4(#BB4) combines the loyalty rewards incentives of the major credit card platforms with the stable backing of precious metals.

The fee generated by each BaselBit transaction is reinvested to buy more gold to back more currency as the platform grows. Non-depleting precious metal assets are provided by Queen Basel to Delaware-based Global Clear Digital Investment Bank & Trust.

For more information, please visit or find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

About Basel Bit:

BaselBit (#BB4), a secure and non-volatile crypto currency backed by tangible gold value and silver reserves, allows investors to buy and transfer the smallest fractions of gold or silver value as an effective payment mechanism and credit system, directly and at any time. BaselBit (#BB4) investors use SSL digital wallets to trade the world's oldest store of value using the world's most cutting edge blockchain-backed crypto currency.


GCC Trustees, LLP
+001 (424) 295-6760

Basel Bit
+001 (844) 446-8224 (8BB4)

SOURCE: Global Clear Digital Investment Bank & Trust

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