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Press Release

Rob Niter: The Multitalented Professional Brings A Redefined Experience To Natural Bodybuilding Like Never Before

11 December, 2017 - Rob Niter, a professional natural bodybuilder, international fitness model, motivational speaker and entrepreneur who is outstanding and well known for his great exploits, immense knowledge and wisdom in the fitness industry. He is also a fitness model, celebrity trainer, actor and author.

He has an excellent and amazing physique and is famous for his character and high standards in representing sports fitness. Rob has landed several covers in the renowned natural bodybuilding organization, Musclemania® (one of the top world’s aesthetic and sensational model superstars).  Despite his active lifestyle, he makes numerous appearances at shows and events all over the world, while strengthening the face value with his fans.

“It all started when I was a sport athlete at a young age, where I competed in football and basketball at different stadiums around Europe. While training for those sports, I noticed my body's response to weight lifting which motivated me to continue training to see where it would take me. I began reading various magazines about training, nutrition and supplements. This motivated me to enter into my first bodybuilding competition and now, the rest is history,” said Rob Niter.

Rob is respected for taking part in helping others reach or exceed their desired fitness goals as his true passion lies in health, fitness and being an inspiration for others. He has an amazing focus and approach to inspiring people and training individuals to achieve their upmost best in the industry. His detailed knowledge of nutritional excellence has also given him the title of one of the most aesthetic and perfectly sculpted physiques in the world.

 Rob inspires millions of people through his exemplary leadership while educating young followers to reach their highest potential and to follow their dreams. He also wants to leave a legacy behind not only as a fitness icon but as a devout father and husband to his loved ones.

“My motivation comes from the passion, ambition and the vision to improve self. It’s an internal drive of knowing that I must give it my all and do my best at what I love in order to reach satisfaction. I also surround myself with positive people to keep me inspired” Rob Niter added.

Additionally, Rob is a published author and has inspired thousands of readers with his book, "Rob Niter's Azthetiks Innovation X-treme ©(Registration #TXu001990876)" He had one purpose that is to clearly steer people back to bodybuilding’s original intent.

Rob is a true leader in the fitness industry and strongly encourages a healthier approach to the practice of natural bodybuilding. Till date, the most rewarding part of his career has been instilling confidence and belief in others that anyone can transform their physique naturally.

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Contact Person: Rob Niter
Phone: 210-725-8603
Country: United States

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