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Press Release

NEW Haute Muse Series in Marjoliena 2017

Transboundary and Collision

In 1928, Rene Maurice, a French chemist, presented aromatherapy, which really reminded the world that we should go deeper and look for the root of the aroma, to the oldest and most distant cultures, to give life to a kind of gesture, form and color that is about to disappear, and to interpret some ancient, forgotten fashion as a new modern feeling.

The birthplace of N ° 5 perfume, contains the Mediterranean amorous feelings "perfume cradle" Grasse, attracted numerous extraction factory of perfume industry. Also attracted S.Rethi.Gabin with his wife's hope. As the name of true love, there are also a lot of mystery and romance about the trip.

Since 1965, the first major aromatherapy product was born at Marjoliena boutique on Haussmann avenue, which has been more than 150 different flavors.Has so far been 52 years the fragrance of art history, in the world of today as incense in power it is still accepted by the upper class and appreciation. Gabin believes the aroma is the same as true love, but there is just a lack of a proper meeting.

Conceived of a unique and extremely far-sighted Beauty, "Light up Love and Beauty", which lightened the dignity of women, made a unique fragrance of the legendary fragrance, and presented a unique flavor of the noble style of Marjoliena for women.

The origin of Gabin and the concept of true love can be traced back to the unquiet encounters of the student days, then the symbol of the new aristocracy Teal green color elements through the design of Marjoliena, the most classic of which is the design of the bottle in pure Fantasy Cleary series aromatherapy. Of course, in the Haute Couture Legend My series, the nobility and elegance are fully realized.

Because of the top craftsmanship and the philosophy of excellence, exclusive customization can be called the highest level of design.

It's not about price, it's about value. Each hand of fragrance, extremely patient, knows that the wait is worth, the slow work is only out of the delicate work, once again, not tired of it, not tolerate a bit of mistake.

In addition, the high set of aromatherapy is not heavy and complicated, exaggerated smells mixed, now more and more people pursuit of freedom, individuality, diversity today, her appearance early is not the same, fragrance can be defined by each person.

Consider, in the cycle of replacement, the old brands which are still full of vitality, maintain a good harmony, have a strong commitment and betting on the future of faith. They make them past any harbour.

Jumping and Innovation

In 2013, the progeny of the old word of mouth began to steer for a new generation.

Though French is a traditional luxury ancient classic representative, they are not conformity, but committed to the modulation is out of accord with modern sense and aesthetic aromatherapy products. Elegant, quiet, noble set series are developed to get incisively and vividly.

Across Europe, with the exhilarating resonance of all over Europe, it has ventured into another warm and passionate region of Asia.Excelsior craft, the colour of multiple open and retro romantic feelings, encourage the generation of runner and the guardian, to complete a successful intercontinental jump.

As Marjoliena the flagship pure Timeless Cleanaine Soul series, the aroma is Marjoliena first aromatherapy pure Fantasy Cleary series, classic aromas of only a single flowers, is a has the aroma of the story.

When a bottle of incense sticks to the most essential and pure unilateral taste, it must be absolutely to withstand all aspects of thinking. This new and luxurious smoked series, each bottle of incense used only one flavor to make a master, or even a kind of defiant pride.

So rest assured, whether wearing a luxurious dress for dinner or a handsome cowboy leisure trip, the pure and Timeless Cleanaine Soul series of Marjoliena can bring a stunning and graceful transformation, which is a classic and elegant and Timeless classic of aromatherapy.

Beliefs and Virility

"I imagine the fragrance to the peerage totem, she will be more pure, and full of mysterious, is the most hopeless exclusive. Because of you, she show the most beautiful appearance of her life." - Designer Rhéane

"Temperament is easy, noble is difficult to ask." - The founder S.Rethi Gabin

There is a saying in Spartacus that the nobility is a person's face with a desire to satisfy the feelings of boredom, a kind of pride in bones.

The manhood of the aristocracy is the sum of all the factors and the elements, while it's independent of all the qualities, like it's not only what it's called, every inch of the skin has to be made with the smell, but it has to be a natural feeling, which is not designed to be made, and it has a sense of insensitivity and willfulness.

So an exclusive aroma, is enough to express oneself style incisively and vividly. Pure and innocent, cold rebellion is mixed together, also endowed unique identification. Independent, free and easy atmosphere, lightsome and clever, hidden limitless possibilities. The uncannibalism, the sight,even the silence can be breathtaking.

Yes, that's the way it is.

Because of you.

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