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Press Release

Initial Coin Offering of Millennium Token Announced, to Revolutionize Global Real Estate with Full Service Platform for Smart Homes

Millennium, a real estate development technology company committed to drastically alter the real estate development space with custom-built smart homes, has announced the launch of its decentralized and blockchain based token, the Millennium token. The initial coin offering is scheduled on December 9, 2017 along with a pre-initial coin offering on the same day for a select group.

The initial coin offering of the Millennium token will comprise 296 million tokens for purchase. The tokens will be released on February 1, 2018, with Millennium keeping 20 percent of the tokens for its operations. The tokens are part of the new Millennium Network, the new, decentralized marketplace for pre-fabricated smart homes built using durable, eco-friendly and high grade reinforced steel from shipping containers, also known as intermodal steel building units (ISBU). For the first time history, the ICO investment will be backed up 100 percent by real estate investments towards home purchase.

“The Millennium token will be our cryptocurrency that will optimize the advantages of our decentralized network, so it will be easier, faster, and more secure to perform global transactions. All transactions will be authenticated and confirmed using a decentralized blockchain technology to process payments made with our Millennium token, which guarantees a safe transfer of funds and the completion of services,” said Daniel Cruz, Director of Technology at Millennium.

Currently, there is no crypto-currency available that is integrated with a network like Millennium, where users get an end-to-end infrastructure to submit designs to global partners and build and buy homes. The new platform will also allow token users to interact, trade, and collaborate on real estate projects with each other. Homes built by the Millennium Network can be bought or crowdfunded with the new token in a completely authenticated and secured environment of blockchain, which will let users enter the global real estate market and participate in projects of their choice.

The Millennium token is unique from others as the underlying Millennium network is fully operational, has infrastructure in place and is building smart homes. The ISBU technology makes building smart homes easier, faster and at low cost. The technology has gained popularity due to its cost effectiveness with low labor and material costs involved, scalable and modular custom designs, low carbon emissions and ecological wastage, and high durability through the use of corten steel structures. The homes are also quicker to build with pre-fabricated standardization.

“Our aim is to dominate the real estate industry by offering superior use of green and renewable materials, thus providing sturdy houses built with steel technology by means of the power of blockchain technology, and also by incorporating the most advanced smart house technology currently available in the market,” said Luis Ortega, CEO, Millennium.

The new Millennium token takes forward the vision of the Millennium Network to revolutionize the global real estate market with container and pre-fabricated homes that can be funded by the new crypto-currency. The launch of the new token will transform the network into a full service industry platform.

Going forward, the next decade will see the Millennium Network emerge as the leading real estate platform engaged in changing how people build and buy homes around the world. The network aims to create manufacturing plants globally, and offer its clients a complete mobile network platform on which to design homes using a wide range of advanced technologies and features. The network will facilitate new funding options to utilize the new token to its maximum and create a community of like-minded business clients and entrepreneurs.

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