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Lee Hnetinka and Darkstore Announce Its Hosted Shopping Cart to Major Brands

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 7, 2017 / Darkstore, the innovative same-day shipment company, is happy to announce that it will be offering a hosted shopping cart to major brands. This wonderful initiative from the shipping provider will be a great feature for those who would like to get their purchases in just a few short hours. While the company will formally announce this exciting feature to most brands in the coming days, this value-added service offering is something to look forward to.

Darkstore is a leading third-party logistics offering a same-day shipment, 1-hour delivery, or standard fulfillment options. They have also recently partnered with Amazon, making their services available through a Seller Fulfilled delivery option. In many ways, this is one of the biggest innovation in terms of product conveyance as the traditional one has always been costly and delivery time-exhausting.

Utilizing unused and excess warehouse spaces to store products that are bound for fulfillment, Darkstore is able to quickly send out goods to their destinations without going through a couple of inconveniences. E-commerce businesses who are budget bound and sellers who do not have a holding facility can benefit a lot from getting the services of Darkstore.

The concept was developed by its CEO and founder Lee Hnetinka. His aim for an on-demand fulfillment strategy for online sellers paved the way for the existence of Darkstore. Akin to the system Taiwan and London establishments use, Hnetinka realized how business facilities become unprofitable for most owners.

By giving them a new life of becoming a holding facility for goods that are bound for fulfillment, Hnetinka is revolutionizing not just the use of excess business spaces, but how immediacy can be much more effective for its online partners.

Currently, the company works for high-volume fulfillment establishments around San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, Chicago, and New York. But they hope to expand their services to a bigger audience. The hosted shopping cart is a good strategy to make a good name in the industry and this is something that will make the same day delivery accessible amongst the population.

Darkstore has also recently established a relationship with several financial institutions to help them augment the development of their projects. Working with investing firm PivotNorth will allow the startup to devote most of its budget in partnering with top online retail stores across the nation.

The hosted shopping cart to major brands the company now offers is a good strategy to gain better visibility in the market. Darkstore has a goal of getting a customer's ordered product fast and convenient, and this is one way of realizing it.

SOURCE: Darkstore