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Press Release

Project Jaguar celebrates its one-year anniversary in a grand style

The company announces its one-year anniversary as it unveils plans to hit US market in a larger scale.

Project Jaguar a hybrid educational platform based in the Eastern Caribbean is highly delighted to announce the celebration of its one-year anniversary starting from the 12th of December 2016. Project Jaguar isspecifically established with the primary aim of becoming the world’s leading diverse educational resource company with the main goal of connecting students to what they want. The company is focused on delivering various educational services and support to students in High schools, Colleges and Universities in different areas of their academic endeavor.

In the bid to achieve this laudable aim and offer the students the best, Project Jaguar gathered highly experienced and talented team coupled with the acquisition of the most state of the art software program, procedures and technology. A perfect blend of the expertise, fresh ideas and skills of the team as well as the advanced and sophisticated programs, procedures and technology; the company takes pride in offering its customers the best educational services and support.

Project Jaguar offers students three basic services including assignment completion, online courses and free resources.Assignment completionis designed to provide assistance to the students who need work off their hands to enable them concentrate on their studies; also students are provided with affordable yet flexible online courses with one-on-one tutors and courses that fit the supported syllabuses. Students are also provided with resources like exam papers, textbooks and quizzes which they can learn quickly and focus on their studies.

The professional and talented team at Project Jaguar takes time to study the specific needs of the students as well as the current trends in the global educational sector to better understand the issues from the student’s point of view before delivering fascinating and excellent services to suit the needs of the students. Sometimes, the students provide unique and specialized problems in which the company undergoes in-depth research to provide students with unique and specialized services leading to the satisfaction of the students.

Project Jaguar has earned a standing reputation in the delivery of exceptional educational services and support to its customers leading to their awe and satisfaction as well as positive feedbacks and referrals. In commemoration of its one-year anniversary, Project Jaguar unveils the plan to hit the United States market in a larger scale. The company already has a little presence in Florida and California but now it wants to cover more grounds in the United States.

“We are glad that we are marking our one-year anniversary in a grand style. We founded Project Jaguar with the passion of developing new ways of assisting students in colleges and high schools with weighty schoolwork and homework” stated Trevaun Solomon, co-founder of Project Jaguar. “We have successfully created a fascinating niche for the company in the Eastern Caribbean, and now need to establish our presence fully in the United States”.

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Company Name: Project Jaguar Inc
Contact Person: Trevaun Solomon
Phone: +12687206286
Country: Antigua and Barbuda

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