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Press Release

P2P Easy Extends Services As The Fastest Growing Peer-to-Peer Money Lending Platform In India

December 4, 2017 - ‘P2P Easy’ is a recently founded online platform that works hand in hand with borrowers and lenders for fast loan processing & acceptance. The business incepted as a ‘needs based’ idea to help resolve issues for aspiring Indians who wish to get by with achieving their dreams easily. The online moneylender network works in collaboration with lenders and borrowers to create a low risk financially favorable situation for both parties.

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Peer to Peer Lending Made Easy

Although the idea of loaning money dates back to the time when the first bank was established, the core issues are more or less the same to date – i.e. 90% borrowers are rejected, and lenders are skeptic due to a lack of any reasonably acceptable guarantee. 

According to various resources from RBI (Reserve Bank of India), it is now acceptable for mutual parties to borrow or take loan for as long as they are operating as non-banking institutes on the business of peer to peer lending. In nonprofessional terms, the regulatory authorities have finally given way to assisting Indians with seizing their dreams and opportunities easily.

The founders of ‘P2P Easy’, in association with the company’s CEO, wish to thank friends and associates who made it possible for the business to commence. In order to guarantee a safe environment for both borrowers and lenders, ‘P2P Easy’ screens each application against a pre-qualification criterion. Unlike conventional banks, ‘P2P Easy’ has a high acceptance and low risk rate for borrowers because of flexible user friendly terms.

Meanwhile, lenders are content on the idea of lending/ investing their cash for s guaranteed ROI on timely basis. The diligent team members actively work to resolve many issues related to loan investment and recovery. While it is true that ‘P2P Easy’ is not a banking institute, the company instill a vigorous validation process to minimize any risk for lenders and borrowers. Both parties are asked a series of questions, cross-checked and evaluated carefully.

‘P2P Easy’ has reportedly garnered a cult like following from satisfied customers all over the local and neighboring vicinities. It is expected that the business will reach new heights of success by the end of year 2018. For more details, loan case assessment, personal loan from private finance or anything in particular, visit the official company website on the earliest.

About ‘P2P Easy’:

‘P2P Easy’ is an India based peer to peer money lending online business. The company has built a solid reputation for providing a safe haven of business opportunities for lenders and borrowers alike. ‘P2P Easy’ aims to help the “common’ Indian man, regardless of race, age, caste or creed barriers in securing a financially stable future through user-friendly loan policies and feasible payment plans.

Media Contact
Company Name: Quirky Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person: Rahul – P2P Easy
Phone: 022-62369305/ 62369306
Address:B Wing, 708, Sagar Tech Plaza, SakiNaka, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri East
City: Mumbai
State: Maharashtra
Country: India

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