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Yopi, the wearable device to measure oxygen consumption during workout, launches on

Yopi is the newly launched innovative device that measures the oxygen consumption (VO2) of the user during a workout. Considering the fact that VO2 statistics generally require expensive labs and bulky equipment, Yopi is developed for everyone to easily measure their VO2 stats for identifying their fitness levels. The device is here to revolutionize the health and fitness industry by providing easy access to all the fitness enthusiasts around the globe, identify their fitness and health levels using VO2 statistics.

Yopi is a wearable device that uses a variety of biomarkers from trainee’s sweat and skin to identify VO2 levels. It is developed using advanced algorithms that correlate the data attained from the biosensors and provide real-time feedback on the user’s oxygen consumption. It also comes with a mobile application that guides the trainee to modify their workout based on the collected data, his current physiology as well short and long-term fitness goals.

Unlike the traditional VO2 measurement systems, Yopi doesn’t require the user to wear a mask or go to a testing laboratory. Using a revolutionary combination of biosensors and advanced algorithms, combined in a sophisticated wearable device, it tells the correct VO2 stats of the user. It instructs the trainee in real time and serves the purpose of personal health and fitness companion.

Hemi Re’em, the co-founder of Yopi is a semi-professional athlete who participates in long-distance runs, triathlons, and Ironman competitions. Despite monitoring heart rate and physical health regularly, he suffered from a heart disease and had to go through heart bypass surgery a year ago. When his cardiologist brought up that he must have had many signs of something being wrong, he realized that his previous monitoring system didn’t catch any of them. Since then, he started working hard to find a way that would monitor the overall health and fitness in more accurate manner, which ultimately resulted in the birth of Yopi.

Re’em believes that VO2 stats can be used to test physical fitness of any individual. It also considers the wearer’s physiological parameters and fitness goals to guide them for achieving them faster. In the past one year, he along with his team of fitness and health experts have developed the working prototype of Yopi and now aims to take that to the next level through the Wefunder campaign.

Yopi promises to have great potential in the world fitness market that includes all fitness enthusiast and professional athletes who need to monitor their Oxygen consumption levels. Re’em and his team invites investors from around the world to invest in the project and pre-order the product at an early bird price. More information about the same can be seen at

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Company Name: G Media Inc
Contact Person: Grace Williams (PR Manager)
Country: United States

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