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Press Release

Robert A.G. Erickson Opens A New World of Fantasy, Sorcery, Fairies, and Wolves!

ARIZONA - 10 Nov, 2017 - From the author of the Fluke Family Fantasy books, get ready to be bewitched by Robert A.G. Erickson’s “The Wizor Fair”. Plunge into a whimsical journey as Robert A.G. Erickson opens a parallel world of fairies, sorcerers, and shadow wolves that will surely capture both young and adult readers. Join the twins, Lenny and Cassy, as they embark on a surreal adventure with the apprentice sorcerer Skeldon in the medieval Kingdom of Duscany.

Skeldon transports himself from the Kingdom of Duscany to a modern-day Seattle. Here he enlists fourteen-year-old twins, Lenny and Cassy, to search for magic wizors that will help him compete at the Wizor Fair. However, Skeldon accidentally turns Cassy into a Whelf fairy. As the twins and Skeldon return to the Kingdom of Duscany, the power of the Whelf Fen lures Cassy into the Long Night to compete for the whelf queenship against the evil Night Shadow. Lenny and Skeldow are now faced with an ordeal. They must find a way to get Cassy back from the Whelf Fen magic and unravel the baffling connection of the shadow wolves stalking the sorcerers of the kingdom. They must also face the battle waged during the Long Night as they get caught amid the fight for supremacy among two powerful sorcerers and the whelf. The fight that will ultimately decide the fate of the Kingdom of Duscany and perhaps the world.

Will Cassy ever get back to her old self? What is Lenny’s and Cassy’s role in the battle for power amongst the sorcerers and fairies? Will they find out the mysterious relationship of the shadow wolves and the sorcerers? Experience Lenny and Cassy’s journey in “The Wizor Fair”.

Author Bio:

Robert A.G. Erickson The author grew up in western Montana, a third generation descendant of Swedish immigrants.  He is a Navy veteran of the Vietnam Conflict and a retired US Coast Guard enlisted man.  He is also the author of the Fluke Family fantasy books.

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