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Press Release

Knowledge Sharing Made Easy Using a Social Network Backed By Ethereum Blockchain Technology

We are pleased to inform you of our newly commissioned social networking platform – Gilgamesh Platform. This platform is the first of its kind and has the objective of improving the flow of information and knowledge between readers. Knowing the impact of social media on knowledge sharing and easy it is for misinformation to occur in other social apps, we created a unique platform with a focused function. Gilgamesh Platform will connect readers to other readers and authors as well to form a solid knowledge-sharing community. Gilgamesh Platform will help readers, authors and knowledge seekers to connect with each other and exchange information easily through a seamless onboarding and engaging process.

Gilgamesh Platform is securely powered by blockchain technology using Ethereum smart contracts and IPFS.  Users of this platform will be rewarded with utility tokens earned when they contribute productively on the platform. We believe that this social platform will improve the smooth flow of information as more knowledge-seeking individuals come onboard to improve their knowledge while earning ERC20 tokens for their efforts. These tokens are also called GIL Tokens and can be spent on in-app products and services or to vote on the platform’s governance.

As the world’s first knowledge sharing social platform, Gilgamesh has added features of being secure and private. Gilgamesh will also bridge the gap created by publishing houses who act as middle men between readers and authors. Publishers could be referred to as the bane of knowledge sharing as they are mostly in control of the flow of information between the reader and the author. As middlemen, publishers reduce the connection between authors and readers, prevent sharing of information and knowledge among readers and authors hardly get real-time feedback of their books. Gilgamesh will remove this barrier by providing a platform where both readers and authors can smoothly connect and exchange information and knowledge. The platform will encourage readers to read more, share and gain knowledge, give reviews and feedback and earn ERC20 tokens that can be used online for certain transactions.

Gilgamesh Platform will also assist authors to get their full remuneration without having any unnecessary percentages shaved off. We expect that Gilgamesh Platform’s knowledge sharing feature will do the following:

  • help readers, authors and critics connect
  • create a friendly and harmonious environment for the book community
  • remove the negative effect of publishers as middle men
  • help authors and service providers earn better income from their services
  • build a network of smart, knowledge-sharing individuals

If you would love more information about the Gilgamesh Platform, you send your inquiries to the contacts below:


Phone number: 1 (650)250-1037

Email address:

Media Contact
Company Name: Gilgamesh
Contact Person: Press
Phone: 1 (650) 250-1037
Country: United States

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