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Press Release

World’s first pivoting safety razor using half DE blades

Innovation in the shaving industry by combing the benefits of the cartridge razor and safety razor resulting in a hybrid pivoting razor

23 October 2017 Innovation in the razor industry has long been a case of adding another blade to the ever-growing cartridge razor. Well that has all changed this week with the launch of the crowdfunding idea: The Broman Razor. Launched by Broman Shaving Industries Ltd and available to back now on Indiegogo, is the world’s first pivoting safety razor.

Mastering the art of shaving

Mastering the art of shaving is no walk in the park. The razor is one of mans most trusted tools that has evolved over a century. So how is it that many of us today are faced with a poor shaving experience from substandard, over engineered shaving products? A few years ago, the Broman shaving team became so frustrated with their own shaving experience, they decided to do something about it.

After extensive market research from expert barbers and shaving enthusiasts, the team discovered that there was a consistent method that stood out. The traditional wet shave using a safety or straight razor was the best shave a man can get - and not a cartridge razor with a million blades designed by a rocket scientist.

But the problem was that the majority men today did not know and did not care to learn how to use a traditional safety razor, or to angle the head at the required 30 degree angle to their face. They still needed the convenience of pivoting features found on a modern cartridge. The idea of the Broman razor was born.

The Mastermind behind Broman

The designer behind the idea is also the founder; Dan Skinner. For the last 10 years Dan has produced industrial designs for prestigious brands such as LEGO, Vodafone, Disney and even Buckingham Palace in London! Dan told us that his idea came to him “after years of experiencing a bad shave, what frustrated me most about the shaving industry was how a century old product with so much evolution has gone from being a beautifully simple and effective product in the early 1900's to an over engineered and cheaply produced one today. Add the fact that modern cartridge blades cost a small fortune, can't be recycled and are fundamentally over engineered. I decided I could do better.” And Dan has done just that.

It’s easy to see that Dan & his team of engineers have spent over 4 years perfecting the design and functionality of the Broman razor. There is evidence in the design of influences from the modern razor with the satin chrome finish whilst incorporating a traditional twist using die cast in zinc alloy. Dan’s key goal for the razor was to design a product that screams quality and that it does weighing in at nearly 80g, it’s perfectly weighted with an even distribution to allow the razor to apply the pressure to your face without force.

The Broman razor features a single, Swedish steel, precision blade that will cut through facial hair, like a knife through butter. Replacing the blade is also easy Dan tells us you “Just flip open the head, replace the blade, and snap shut".

The razor is soft and gentle on the skin with a spring-loaded head that pivots to your face like a ballerina. The head funnels shave through stubble and foam with ease, like an air through a jet engine!

The main difference of the Broman razor is it’s price. The retail price is only £45 ($60) for a razor that lasts more than 6 months and includes many extras:

  • 60 Swedish steel precision single edge blades – which is a 6 months’ supply
  • Stand that also doubles up as a storage box for the blades
  • Travel pouch
  • Packaged in a 100% recyclable box

With replacement blades only last 10p (& other blades can also be used) that’s a huge saving on the monthly cost of replacement blades.

Crowdfunding campaign

To be able to manufacture and pay for the tooling costs of launching the Broman razor, Dan & his team need to raise £25,000 ($33,000) in only 30 days. In the first 36 hours of the campaign going live, the super early bird offer sold out in seconds and 7% of the goal was already raised. The feedback so far from backers has also been fantastic with many stating it’s been the best idea they’ve seen in a long time!

The countdown is now on to raise the funds, because if the target isn’t met no funds can be kept. It’s an all-or-nothing approach to crowdfunding.

Even if you’re not a shaving fanatic, this project is available for anyone to back to help support Dan in making his dream of a single idea become a reality. Special offers are available to buy the Broman razor set and any support is welcomed.

To find out more about the Broman razor Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, visit: 



Imagery is also available to download of the Broman razor:



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About Broman Shaving Industries Ltd

Broman is a London based male grooming brand which designs, manufacturers and retails high quality products inspired from traditional shaving components and materials. Founded in early 2017, the mission of the company is to provide men with shaving, good quality products at affordable prices and create the smoothest shaving experience that is better for the skin.


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Company Name: Broman Shaving Industries LTD
Contact Person: Dan Skinner
Country: United Kingdom

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