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Press Release

New York Coin and Bitcoin at KEATS in Midtown Manhattan

New York - October 13, 2017 - Bitcoin and New York Coin spotted at a popular long-established New York City bar and restaurant, KEATS at 842 2nd Ave in the Turtle Bay neighborhood of Manhattan. The owner, Alexander Nicholas, stated "most people seem to have a pretty good understanding of Bitcoin and many of the benefits it offers both consumers and business owners like myself. But with 10+ minute transaction confirmations, often much longer, it’s just not practical to accept Bitcoin as payment." The owner of KEATS explained that most of his daily purchases are very time sensitive. "NYC is actually usable in my line of business with 30-second confirmations. New York Coin can one day be the digital currency of choice here in New York City; it reps *NYC* and is 5x faster than litecoin - a win, win for me."

Bitcoin offers its users a bank on their smartphone. Worldwide, low cost, anonymous money transfer using a decentralized network of specialized computers solving high-level math equations, spread all around the globe. Merchant benefits to adopting Bitcoin include lower fees and no chargeback capability. Its blockchain technology offers an open transaction ledger (for anyone to view and verify transaction history) and prevents "double-spending". The price of a bitcoin in mid-2009 was a small fraction of a penny each. By the end of 2011 the price of 1 Bitcoin had risen to $2. In 2015, a bitcoin was worth around $250 a piece. Two years later, 1 Bitcoin now costs around $5,000. That puts Amazon to shame.

New York Coin offers consumers and merchants with time-senstive transactions a usable 30-second confirmation speed and virtually no fees. NYC is literally "faster than a New York minute" and enables merchants to essentially accept Bitcoin (by using NYC network for transactions and then "batching out" into Bitcoin). New York Coin has a proven blockchain since March 2014 and is a fair launch, true cryptocurrency with no pre-mine or early distribution. New York Coin has a searchable block explorer which is an open transaction ledger since the very first NYC confirmation on March 6, 2014. The original NYC developer disappeared at launch (just like Bitcoin) and its blockchain has been continuously supported by a worldwide group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and NYC supporters. NYC offers easy mining with a very low difficulty. While Bitcoin difficulty is over 1 Trillion and Litecoin has a difficulty of 440,000 - NYC difficulty is currently sitting at 4.

NewYorkCoin has a larger lifetime total coin supply than Bitcoin and Litecoin, more similar to the coin structure of Dogecoin. NYC currently trades for a tiny fraction of a penny each. It will be very interesting to see NYC's value a year or two from now.

Retail business owners in New York City are showing their support for New York Coin. This demographic appears to be a perfect match for NYC and its beginning to make some market penetration. High visibility storefronts in New York City instead of online message forums appears to be where you can find New York Coin (NYC) these days.

KEATS has been serving up great food and drinks in Midtown Manhattan since 1981 and is well known for its karaoke, live music and relaxed atmosphere. Drop by KEATS for some fun and show your support for NYC.

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Company Name: Independent Contributor
Contact Person: Michael Paulson
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City: New York
State: NY 10025
Country: United States

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