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Proposed California Bail Bond Changes Could Bankrupt The State

Riverside, California - Local California Politicians could potentially be pushing the state of California towards bankruptcy with their latest proposal on changes to the bail bonds system. The current system which has been working perfectly for many years requires a person who has been arrested to locate a private bail bonds company in the local area. Having searched for bail bonds in Riverside CA for instance, the arrangement for organizing bail would then be a matter between the court, the subject and the private bail bonds company.

The lawmakers are keen to reduce the costs of bail which have been drastically increasing over the last few years, meaning that potentially innocent people have to remain in jail due to their inability to finance bail. An excellent resource and government-run website inmate locator provides anyone with an overview of the scale of the problem.

Many people are unaware of exactly how the bail bonds system operates, as in most cases people have no interest in bail bonds until they find themselves or a family member in that situation. How bail bonds work in California provides an informative but simple explanation of the current system.

While it is certainly commendable that the lawmakers are looking at ways to resolve this situation, they are potentially placing the entire financial future of the state at risk. Under the new proposals rather than private companies footing the bill for any bail debts, the total cost of those debts would have to be paid for by the taxpayer.

Although the bail bonds system may need to be reviewed and overhauled the current thought process is fraught with disaster, and simply cannot be allowed to progress any further. It is essential that any Californian resident with concerns under these proposals contacts their local representatives to express those concerns as a matter of urgency.

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