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How the Legal Impact Of Divorce Can Affect Families

Making the decision to end a marriage can be a difficult choice. It's a painful step, particularly when children are involved. Being a good parent requires solid decision making that looks out for the best interests of you and your children. It's important to understand the impact a divorce can have on your family before moving forward. Family Lawyers Lee’s Summit Missouri are happy to work with you to minimize the impact divorce can have on your family. 

Knowledge is power. Knowing the potential rough spots gives you complete information. Complete information is an absolute requirement when it comes to making good decisions. It also allows you to adequately prepare if you decide to move forward with a divorce. Click here for more information. 

There are two legal areas in which divorce traditionally impacts family life. As part of the divorce the judge will create an order that clarifies issues of child custody and child support. Changes in circumstances that require a revisit to these issues can be addressed in later modifications. 

An important part of divorce is a determination of child custody. This is an issue that both parties can work out amicably with mediation. Or the issue can be contested and ultimately decided by a judge. There are two types of custody in Lees Summit; physical and legal. Having legal custody of a child refers to the ability to make decisions regarding their health, schooling, and general welfare. Physical custody describes the child's living situation. Visitation issues are dealt with as part of the physical custody agreement. Both parents can have joint or sole custody.

The Divorce Lawyers Lee’s Summit strongly advocate the use of mediation as clients work through the divorce process. Mediation in family law is a less hostile option that preserves the assertiveness required in legal matters. It's a fantastic way for families with children to avoid the hostility of a more combative divorce proceeding. Mediation is an indispensable tool for addressing child custody matters. 

After a divorce, the question of child support also arises. The Missouri Supreme Court has created guidelines that determine the amount of child support that must be paid. These guidelines also clarify who must pay child support and who is eligible to receive this type of court ordered familial support. The amount of child support required or owed may change over time, leading to the need for a modification in the agreement.

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