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The World's Strongest Refrigerator Magnets Launch Kickstarter Campaign

RALEIGH, NC / ACCESSWIRE / October 12, 2017 / Everyone with a refrigerator uses it as a magnetic bulletin board. Which means everyone knows what happens with typically weak magnets or when trying to post multiple pages. Gravity takes over and - plop! - Junior's 2nd grade artwork hits the floor. To the rescue comes REFMag, the world's strongest refrigerator magnet, which is available now through a Kickstarter campaign. These colorful, machine-tooled, anodized aluminum neodymium magnets boast more than 3 pounds of adhesion strength but are designed to be easily lifted.

REFMag is constructed of an N52 neodymium magnet, the strongest grade available. For comparison, typical ceramic magnets of the same size exert a pull strength of 0.3 lbs, while REFMags exert an impressive 3 lbs making them 10x stronger. While neodymium magnets are commonly available to consumers, their smooth design and extreme strength makes them difficult to remove from a surface, which is where the genius of REFMags comes in. Each magnet is encased in a sturdy, CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum housing that provides a lip for simple leverage as well as prevents the typically brittle neodymium from cracking. The aluminum is anodized with ten different designer colors to match any décor and will last a lifetime. They measure 20mm in diameter and 5mm in thickness (appx. 0.75" x 0.2") - about the size of a U.S. nickel.

Kickstarter pledges start at only $5 for five magnets and as low as $2 for one anodized aluminum housing, magnet not included.

REFMag designer Darrell LaBarbera and his NC-based company DAL Design LLC., have already completed several successful Kickstarter campaigns bringing products to market, including the Titanbiner - a unique titanium carabiner with patent-pending spring action - and the 303 SS Custom Machined Mechanical Pen. The first round of REFMag production is already complete, with 10,000 aluminum encasements produced and 4,000 REFMags completely assembled and ready to ship to all Early Bird Kickstarter supporters.

"I love neodymium magnets for their strength and practicality, so this design was a natural outflow from my daily use," says REFMag designer Darrell LaBarbera, President of DAL Design LLC. "These magnets are guaranteed to hold more than eight pages to any ferrous surface while being easy to lift and remove. And at only $1 per magnet, they're a great value for anyone."

For more information on REFMags and pledge levels, visit -


Darrell LaBarbera
(919) 349-6097