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Press Release

New Blog Explains The Dangers of Overexposure to Blue Light

Austin, TX - A recent blog post by Austin Vision Therapy Center discusses how blue light can negatively affect one’s vision. The optometrists explain that the omnipresence of digital devices like tablets, smartphones, and laptops has made such overexposure an even greater concern.

The Austin vision center explains that many people are unaware of the real problems that spending too much “screen time” can cause. In the blog, they state that digital eye strain is a great concern to people who spend more than two hours a day staring at a screen. The post at goes on to list symptoms of the affliction as well as ways to avoid it.

In addition to being aware of the disorders that could be caused by too much blue light, Austin Vision Therapy Center hopes to educate patients and readers regarding simple ways to protect their vision in an increasingly digital world.

Austin Vision Therapy Center has been providing vision care in Austin to adults and children for years, but it is only recently that parents have become aware of how vision therapy can be useful to struggling students. The blog post is an attempt by the doctors to alert readers to some of the lesser-known ways in which treatment can be beneficial.

Austin Vision Therapy Center diagnoses and treats a variety of vision problems. Greater visual success can lead to an overall better life. To schedule an appointment or find answers to any vision or visual processing concerns, contact Austin Vision Therapy Center.


Austin Vision Therapy Center is a skilled team of doctors and professionals who aim to help their patients improve their life by addressing any vision problems they may have. Dr. Denise Smith is the founder and clinical director of Austin Vision Therapy Center. She believes that every problem has a solution and provides her patients with options they may not have even known existed by implementing a comprehensive approach to vision care and vision therapy.


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