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Press Release

Mike Marko Publishes Post On "How To Market Your Business On Instagram"

Mike Marko, owner and founder of Cincinnati, Ohio based IM Consultant Services, is an established and recognized expert in helping people build successful online businesses. One way in which he achieves that, is by regularly publishing blog posts on specific areas of online marketing. He has now announced that he has released his latest blog post titled, "Tips on How to Market Your Business on Instagram".

Mike Marko himself says: "Social media platforms are now deemed to be some of the most effective marketing tools in order to guarantee business growth. With more than 400 million active users and 3 billion photos liked every month, this social media platform has cemented itself to be a platform where every brand must be present. However, marketing strategies employed on this social media site cannot be the same as those used on Facebook or Twitter."

In the blog post, Marko explains the importance of having a strategy in place for Instagram, and how to make sure this strategy is fit for purpose. According to Marko, it is vital that businesses start by determining their audience and connecting with them. They should also use appropriate and trending hashtags, while at the same time being consistent with their messages. Marko also feels that it is important to partner with influencers.

He explains: "Influencers are the modern-day celebrities of Instagram and are experts at creating high-quality content that resonate with a huge following. They are seen as reputable and are trusted for their opinions on new products and brands. Utilize the right influencers to expand your brand awareness." Finally, he believes that the two key elements of a successful Instagram campaign are: shortened links and sponsored ads.

Besides releasing regular blog posts, Mike Marko, through his company IM Consultant Services, also offers a wealth of other services to help people become successful online. Marko has developed a popular training boot camp in which people can learn the ins ad outs of online marketing. Aside from social media marketing, they offer a wealth of other online marketing services, such as search engine optimization, online sales funnels, pay per click (PPC), email marketing, press releases, blog content writing, search engine marketing, and branding. People are encouraged to contact IM Consultant Services if they have questions about these services.


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