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Q Smart Limited - on the Investing Trends Expanding in 2017

LUXEMBOURG CITY, LUXEMBOURG / ACCESSWIRE / October 4, 2017 / With the International Monetary Fund projecting the global economy to expand 3.5 percent this year, investors are on the look-out for strong growth areas. Analysts at Q Smart Limited point to several current and emerging investment trends to watch. As the post-financial crisis recovery extends into 2017 and beyond, investors should be aware of broader economic and technological changes as they consider their overall portfolios.

There are signals that macroeconomic conditions in the U.S., the world's largest economy, are improving. The U.S. Federal Reserve announced in September that it would keep interest rates unchanged, in a range between 1 percent and 1.25 percent, while beginning to unwind its $4.5 trillion balance sheet in October. Meanwhile, core inflation was lower than targeted thus far this year; the Federal Reserve expects the economy to hit its 2 percent inflation target in 2019. In the energy space, the resilience of the U.S. shale industry in the face of a global low oil price environment surprised many market analysts, and the rebound in industry investment this year is supported by a gradual rise in benchmark prices from early 2016 lows.

Technology offers new frontiers in investment, albeit at higher risk, as emerging technologies come to market and established companies launch new products. With augmented and virtual reality on the cusp of becoming affordable to the average consumer, competent developers will continue to attract investment dollars. Automation and electrification of industries such as farming, manufacturing and transportation also present opportunities for technology firms to expand their reach. Q Smart Limited's experts note that growth in e-commerce is a multi-year trend, as social media further disrupts traditional marketing strategies and mobile platforms increase in importance for businesses. Forbes Magazine reported that social media advertising is forecast to generate $11 billion on revenue for companies in 2017, a steep rise from $3.1 billion in 2013.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations in investment decisions are only growing in importance. This is due to the changing attitudes of investors, who want to make a positive impact on the world with their capital in addition to profits. In 2016, Morgan Stanley conducted a survey of high-net worth individuals aged 25 to 75 and found that 42 percent of investors were familiar with socially responsible criteria in decision-making. 37 percent of those surveyed have backed, or are considering backing, clean energy funds. This trend is more pronounced in Millennial respondents, 82 percent of whom expressed interest in responsible investing, compared to 45 percent overall.

Although political uncertainty cannot be discounted as the market looks forward to 2018, underlying changes in technology and demographics point to longer term trends. Many industry watchers believe that technology will still be one of the most interesting spaces to monitor next year, as developments in areas such as blockchain and 3D printing spill over into other areas of the economy and disrupt existing business practices.

Q Smart Limited is an award winning financial services firm that serves retail and institutional clients across Europe, Asia and Latin America, with focus on Over-The-Counter Contract For Differences products. With multiple trading platforms and over 200 financial instruments, the company is backed by strong liquidity and driven by a commitment to investor protection. The firm works with clients to develop tailored trading approaches supported by industry experts with keen insight into investment dynamics.

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