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Macau Capital Investments, Inc. Announces Merger Closing

HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / October 4, 2017 / Macau Capital Investments, Inc. (OTC PINK: MCIM) announces closing of acquisition of ECO Medical Waste Holdings, Inc., a Texas waste management company.

As a result of the merger, there will be a change in management and ownership control, whereby Hershell Hayes has been named CEO and Director, and Monique Hayes has been named President and Director.

Hershell Hayes has over 30 years of experience in the Waste Management industry. Hershell brings a wealth of hands-on experience to Macau Capital Investments, Inc and its wholly-owned subsidiary, ECO Medical Waste Holdings, Inc. He began his career in the waste management industry, working with his father, who owned a small Garbage Collection Company. Mr. Hayes later went on to work with BFI, a worldwide waste services company, where he moved quickly through the ranks managing hundreds of routes and becoming an operations specialist. Mr. Hayes advanced as an Assistant Division Manager, where he was responsible for the day to day operations, supervising over 180 employees, with a fleet of more than 95 collection vehicles, while providing service to more than 6000 commercial and more than 185,000 residential customers. Mr. Hayes used his wealth of experience into Hayes Waste Systems, his first company, which was eventually purchased by Allied Waste in 1999 for 1.5 million dollars. While working as a General Manager for Trash Porters, a local waste hauler, he was responsible for all aspects of the company including sales and marketing. While there, he successfully helped them start up and grow into a medium-sized business, which eventually sold in 2013 to WCA for 2.5 Million dollars.

Monique Hayes has over 20 Years of Property Management experience, notably managing and directing the operations for The Galleria in Houston, Texas, a Premier Mixed Used commercial complex, with an operations budget of more than 17 million dollars. She also has relatable sales experience, as a District Manager for Microsoft's Windows Phone Division and as the National Business Development Director for Johnson Controls, where she secured several million dollar contracts. Monique has a unique perspective as a potential service provider. She completely understands the demands of the Property/Community/Asset Manager and brings a passion for people and the communities they live in. She takes care of each community as if she lived there.

The Company's missions are moving into medical waste disposal which has huge profit margins and will continue offering residential, commercial and construction, and demolition solid waste removal services with an emphasis on eco-friendly recycling.

As a green company, we encourage all our customers to repurpose, reuse, and recycle through our education and awareness programs, as well as by offering Recycling Programs at a highly competitive rate.

Our growth plan is based upon being a large scale waste management holding company with a goal of acquiring medical waste companies, solid waste companies, transfer stations, and landfills. We became a public company to gain visibility, market share and raise equity to meet our targeted goals. We have strategic acquisition targets and joint venture partnerships lined up for rapid growth.

The current revenue center for the business comes from its subcontract agreement with ECO Waste and Recycling, providing ongoing hauling of dumpsters, providing waste management services, and recyclable materials disposal. The business generates revenue from housing communities, MUD districts, and homeowners associations that contract for their ongoing waste management needs.

The business plan is to move into medical waste transportation and disposal as a primary source of revenue growth via acquisition of operating companies. The company will grow significantly as a public company acquiring smaller regional competitors in solid waste and medical waste, landfill tipping fees, and transfer station fees. Ultimately, we would like to acquire some eco-friendly technology, such as waste to energy and recycling facilities. The synergistic acquisitions will also reduce operational cost and increase profit margins significantly.

Macau Capital Investments, Inc.

Macau Capital Investments, Inc. (OTC PINK: MCIM) is a waste management assets holdings company. ECO Medical Waste Holdings, Inc. ("the Company") is a Texas-based corporation, wholly-owned subsidiary of Macau Capital Investments, that provides solid waste and medical waste removal services to customers in its targeted market.

ECO Medical Waste Holdings, Inc. is proud to enter into the medical waste management business with a near goal of acquiring its sister company, Eco Waste & Recycling LLC which has been proudly serving customers throughout the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area since 2012, with more than $7 Million annual revenue.


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