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Press Release

Chasyr: Where To? ...The Future

FRESNO, Calif. - October 2, 2017 - (

Disrupting TechCrunch

While attending TechCrunch Disrupt this week, we realized that the timing of sharing the vision of Chasyr couldn’t have been any better. The day we exhibited was the day after 5,000-plus attendees learned of ICOs, blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency it is attached to. This is most likely the reason why we ended up losing our voices by the end of the day at our booth. Once people understood what ICOs and cryptocurrency were, they began the hunt for a project to participate in as a future token holder. Luckily it didn’t take them long to find Chasyr. TechCrunch Disrupt is also the first place we got the opportunity to explain the goal of Chasyr and what we’ll be doing next.

What’s Next?…The Chasyr App!

It is time to begin our development processes by building our software team. We’ve decided to build our team around React Native and full-stack javascript. React Native will allow our team of javascript engineers to deploy native mobile applications across all different mobile platforms with a single software stack. We believe this will decrease time to market, and give us a competitive edge over legacy platforms (Uber, Lyft, etc.) with much higher overhead.

In the Chasyr mobile app, riders will be able to purchase Chasyr Tokens via credit/debit card within to load their rider wallet for rides and tipping. Drivers will also be able to exchange all or partial amounts of earnings into Chasyr Tokens to load into their driver wallet where they can exchange to fiat at any time. This allows adoption of our token to be organic and transparent to the customers and userbase in general.

We’re currently building an interactive alpha prototype that will be hosted directly on our site ahead of launch. We’ll be using this prototype to gather customer feedback, and to conduct usability tests. In our experience as cryptocurrency enthusiasts, we believe it is always better to expose someone to crypto instead of forcing them to understand it.

This prototype will also be the first step towards purchasing an Umbrella insurance policy for drivers and riders, and bringing us into compliance as a transportation network company here in California.

#ChasyrFam Update

We are excited to announce and welcome our newest advisor Nav Dhinsa. Nav brings us over a decade of experience in ground transportation which is very helpful to us for obvious reasons. He is a successful former employee of leading industry giants such as Addison Lee. His expertise in combining sales strategy and customer acquisition has led to explosive growth with any business he contributes to. Nav has opened corporate accounts for the majority of Fortune 500 and FTSE companies, the largest contract being 4 million dollars per annum with an International Bank. We are very proud to have him as part of our team moving forward.

Welcome to the #ChasyrFam sir!

The Chasyr ICO

This is something many of our followers and newest audience have been wanting, so it is our honor to officially state that we will be having an ICO. We first announced our plan to have an ICO at TechCrunch Disrupt this past week and the reactions were very motivating, especially after turning down several seed investors since we started back in July. Now everyone will have a place to contribute to our vision and the road ahead. To be updated first on all ICO activity while we are still setting it up please make sure to join our email list at Our next publication will be the announcement and full details of our token sale. We hope you are all excited about the road ahead for Chasyr as we are. Anyone who would like to get involved with our 4-month-old startup then please reach out to us.

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