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Press Release

Starbit launches innovative ecological crypto currency mining app

IT giant, Starbit, announces the launch of Walkybit, a first of its kind smartphone App designed to enable assign a new ecological crypto currency, CNT Future using physical activities

The world of networking marketing is set to witness a revolution with the launch of a smartphone app that allows for assigning a new ecological crypt currency, CNT Future. The app, WalkyBit allows anyone that owns a smartphone to earn CNT Future tokens according to human power generated by personal movements like walking or jogging.

The WalkyBit app that allows for the generation of the new version of Centurion coin (CNT), CNT Future tokens, is an advanced innovation is available for smartphones that are running on smart phone operating systems.

The team at Starbit is making a digital revolution with the launch of the app, allowing anyone and everyone that has a smartphone to be a part of the crypto currency hype. Described as the digital revolution of network marketing, Walkybit is a mining app that replaces current energy power consumption with healthy and beneficial activities for wellness, in accordance with modern medicine.

CNT Future is one of the biggest gainers in the world of crypto currency, and the app allows anyone to receive rewards that can be converted into CNT Future crypto coin by simply walking. Anyone using the app can also show achieved results to friends and colleagues by simply approaching the blockchain.

The ability of users of the app to show friends and colleagues achievements on blockhain further underlines the revolution the idea is bringing to the world of network marketing. The idea is also said to be an innovation and a milestone technology that will open the door to over 4 billion users, a record-breaking stat in network marketing.

The app has been in the works for months and will have a popular price on release, while users can enjoy a 5-day free trial of the app before buying it at 1,000 CNT Future, which is equivalent to about 200 Euro at today exchange public rates.

The launch of Walkybit opens up the world of crypto currency to ordinary people and has gone through series of tests before the eventual launch. “We’ve been working for months in secret” says Riccardo Vieri, Innovation & Marketing Director at Starbit International.

“It’s been difficult to achieve this incredible result because it involves features that simulate the mining that happens within the blockchain, but we’ve done it.

“After years, finally a novelty in network marketing,” says Luana Sicari Starbit CSO.

Network needs products that can be used by anyone, easy and demonstrable. Who does not walk every day and does not have a phone? It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s Walkybit.

We are launching the walkyparty, the new way of doing business at the reach of everyone.”

“We know many MLM leaders who are tired of changing their home every year and wishing a winning and legal project. In Starbit we are opening the doors to a future full of economic and personal satisfactions.”

In addition to allowing ordinary people “mine” crypto currency almost effortlessly, Walkybit also promotes physical fitness and networking as users can meet new people and socialize with them regardless of their location.

About Starbit

Starbit is the IT giant behind the revolutionary crypto currency mining app, Walkybit. The company recently announced the launch of Walkybit that allows anyone across the globe to mine CNT Future by simply walkingor jogging.

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Company Name: Starbit
Contact Person: Luana
Phone: +442032893431
Country: United Kingdom

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