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Press Release

Azimuth Solar Products Uses The Kickstarter Platform To Raise Funds For Their High Power Solar Generator Systems

Azimuth Solar Products Inc. announces funding campaign on Kickstarter for making High Power Solar Generator Systems.

Azimuth Solar Products Inc. the Kelowna, BC, Canada based company founded by Matthew Longman and Shari McDowell, have launched campaign for raising funds on Kickstarter. The company is looking for finances to fund their High Power Solar Generator Systems. The powerful mobile solar generator system is designed to deliver high-output mobile solar power with the most affordable dollar-per-watt on the market.

“Having spent past several years developing robust and versatile mobile solar generator systems that provide high-output power, we know what it takes to design and manufacture such advanced systems,” says Matthew Longman. “Our advanced and portable solar generator systems can power appliances, entertainment, communication and medical equipment, and construction tools with just a single day of sunshine. Our systems are designed to provide nearly fuel-free power for off-grid living, for tiny homes, and for emergency and disaster use.”

The portable and dependable solar power generator systems from Azimuth Solar Products are ideal for disaster recovery as they have unique, compact folding designs. They are also useful for off-grid living, tactical expeditions, and adventuring. High-quality solar panels are used in the systems and reinforced with specially designed tripod and frame support for delivering high-output mobile solar power.

Innovative components form part of these systems to ensure that they function smoothly even in extreme climatic conditions and environment. High Power Solar Generator Systems from Azimuth are available at a fraction of the cost of other similar systems available on the market. They also score over others because they are lighter and easier to set up.

The powerful solar generator systems are engineered to recharge large battery packs in less than a day. They can be expanded for additional power. The system has a two-axis, full rotation frame that can be easily tilted and rotated to follow the sun for maximum input.

The company states that the high efficiency and flexibility of their systems make it suitable for running micro-grid systems in cabins, micro homes, RVs, mobile work sites, boats, and off-grid homes. The generator can not only power appliances but can also work as a back-up generator.

Azimuth has already secured a retail and assembly location and have the production ready to start business with local manufacturers. They have their team of engineers and manufacturers in place to ensure highest level of quality control. Prototypes and testing processes are also complete. They only need to pull off their funding successfully to start manufacturing.

Matthew Longman is of the opinion that their solar generator systems can offer matchless power output for each dollar. ASP Portable Solar Generators is unbeatable when it comes to pricing, power, performance and durability.

The campaign on Kickstarter by Azimuth is attempting to raise funds to the tune of CA$ 120,000 by the deadline date of 16 September, 2017.

About High Power Solar Generator Systems By Azimuth:

Azimuth Solar Products, a Canada-based firm, is planning to launch an innovative, rugged, and fuel-free power for off-grid living, and for those using tiny homes. It is also heavily recommended for emergency and disaster use. The High Power Solar Generator System is designed to outdo other similar sized generators on the market in areas of performance, durability, versatility and pricing.

Media Contact
Company Name: Crowdfunding Ventures
Contact Person: James Clark
Phone: 800-432-4812
Country: United States

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