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Press Release

CEO Asha24 ABC Announced the Plan of the Company to Integrate Project and Real Time Case Studies into the Curriculum to Enhance Chance of Students to Pass PMP Certification Examination

Asha24, CEO, announced this to the participants of their concluded summer annual meeting.

Atlanta, GA - Asha24 yesterday through the CEO announced to the members of the public and the participants of their just concluded summer meeting about their intention to integrate projects and real time case studies into the curriculum. The reason for this integration, according to the company, is to enhance the chances of students to pass project manager certification examinations with flying colors. The company decided to improve their pmp training curriculum to address the issues regarding failure in the pmp examination. With this integration, the applicant will be guaranteed a chance to pass their certification examination. That will help them also to become more skilled and creative project managers following the inclusion of best practices from innumerable project managers around the world.

The Asha24 Company also has made it clear they are fine-tuning their training by using the curriculum integrated with projects and real time cases studies. This will, in addition, increase the success rate of managers that have passed through the training as it will help them become more organized in their service. This particular improvement is a product of exclusive research, keen observation, effort and consultation from world-class experienced professionals. Also, the development is concentrated on addressing difficulties in passing project management certification examination, resulting to wasteful management services, excessive use of funding, lack of promotion into managerial office and even the risk of loss of job. Asha24 management is expectant that the result of this improvement will lead to a change of status for many managers and aspiring managers in various organizations across the globe.

The Human Resource Manager of the company addressing the participants said “The staff and management of Asha24 have decided to fine-tune the curriculum through integration of real life cases as well as projects. We are doing this to make sure that trainers pass their pmp certification examination just on their first attempt. We have hands on training technique, which helps trainers to understand the main knowledge areas, and process groups explained in the fifth edition of the PMBOK Guide. We are confident that this improvement is going to make trainers come out with flying colors from their PMP examination.”

Managers from different organizations, applicants, job seekers, employees and employers were present at this summer event and all of them showed their gratitude towards the progress expected from this improvement in their managerial duties and life in general. One of the participants, while expressing his anticipation, said “Asha24 is known to set the pace for other companies to follow and this time they have done it again in grand style through this integration into the curriculum. With anticipation, this addition will address the issue of repeating the PMP examination over and over due to failure and also make managers realize  the best way to utilize and manage the resources of their various companies.”

People from different organizations and industries were present this event including those with no interest in taking up managerial role in their organization. A participant said, “This new development has brought about an unpredicted solution to peoples’ needs. It is a new development in pmp training around the world.

For those interested in obtaining project management certification and need proper training to that respect, you can meet this company online at

Asha24 is a popular company and training platform for those planning to take an examination for project management certification. The company has designed their training in a way to ensure that a person passes their examination for pmp certification. This company has special hands on training method that is good enough to help trainees understand the workings of different process groups and the knowledge areas defined in the fifth edition of PMBOK Guide.

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