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Press Release

Collaborative Solutions Group, Helping People Find What They Need Within Themselves

Founder and President of Collaborative Solutions Group, Titus Bartolotta.
Collaborative Solutions Group is a business leadership coaching and development firm out of the Lake Norman region of North Carolina. The company is bringing their inspirational message, and proven techniques to organizations and individuals all over the state and country.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

Huntersville, NC - Businesses today exist in an extremely competitive, global environment. Companies are pulling out all the stops to get the edge on their competition and look to coaches and thought leaders for solutions. Today, business coaches are in high demand because of their ability to increase organizational capacity and develop leadership. Whereas ten years ago business coaching was used to fix problems within a company, today it is used to develop the potential of high performers to address areas of opportunity.  Collaborative Solutions Group is a business coaching and development firm out of North Carolina that is in-demand for its unique ability to refine talent and help individuals and teams find their solutions inwardly.  The company is run by business veteran Titus Bartolotta, whose commitment to community can be seen in his 501(c)(3) charity, The Lotta Foundation.

“I am a person of passion that believes strongly in people power and a loving God,” he explains. “I believe that working together we can bring forth great and positive change in our community, country, and world and together we can develop a culture of positive performance and growth that is truly meaningful.   Collaborative Solutions Group is all about helping people find talents they never knew they had and encouraging them to use their strengths and knowledge to create the solutions they need.”

A review of Titus Bartolotta’s background and resume reveals an individual who is uniquely cut out to help others get ahead.  A child of a broken home who grows up and out of poverty to live a life of service while becoming highly educated and skilled in business is something special.  Not only is Titus an ordained minister, but is the co-founder along with his wife of a local nonprofit called The Lotta Foundation.  Using his voice, hands, reputation, and talent he along with the team he leads have helped countless children and adults living in poverty get the resources they need to rise up.  “Delivering coats, food, toys, other necessary support items, love, and hope to the under-privileged and those in need, is what ‘Doing A LOTTA Good’ looks like” Says Titus.  His business and leadership coaching is an extension of what he already does in his community, helping people grow and develop their natural talents while increasing the overall health, operations, and functions of their business and lives.

“Recently I completed a major step in continued education in my industry as I am now a fully  certified speaker, trainer, coach, and teacher through the John Maxwell Team Business Leadership Coaching program,” says Titus. “I chose the John Maxwell program because of his vision and authority on the subject matter of coaching and leadership. I, too, believe that by growing leaders, and helping others bring their potential out from inside themselves we add value to the world.  That old phrase, ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’—I believe that. I want to lift people up so that all of us can get ahead.”

As a former pastor and current nonprofit chair, moving into business leadership and life coaching seemed more of an enlargement of his current “wheelhouse” instead of embarking on an entirely new career. Titus believes that his biggest asset is his ability to help people get into the right frame of mind for success. Once they have the mindset, he says, it’s easier to create and develop those strategies that will help them take their business to the next level.  Once the right mindset is in place, and strategies are developed, accountability is so important for an individual to see through their goals.  He particularly enjoys working with teams and bringing in other resources in order to create the type of collaborative environment that creates high performance. 

Collaborative Solutions Group provides direct assistance through business coaching, training, teaching, and speaking engagements. Individuals and, or businesses interested in taking their journey to the next level are encouraged to visit Titus’s website at:

Media Contact
Company Name: Collaborative Solutions Group
Contact Person: Titus Bartolotta
Phone: (704) 659-1340
Country: United States

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