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Press Release

CHILL Announces A Menopause Relief Breakthrough Instant Cooling for Hot Flashes

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Key West, FL (PRWEB) June 25, 2011

CHILL Towels provide instant relief right out of the package anywhere, anytime. They are all-natural 100% terry cloth cotton towels that are pre-moistened with a unique all-natural formula to instantly cool when hot flashes or night sweats strike.

Because of their unique cooling formula, CHILL Cooling towel need no refrigeration. In fact, CHILL towels are nearly 30 degrees cooler than your body temperature right out of the package.

CHILL’s Founder Allan H. Wimer is not a doctor, researcher, chemist or even a “full-time” inventor but a person who became very concerned about the ill effect of hot flashes and night sweats on America’s 60 million menopausal women.

Under his leadership, CHILL conducted two focus groups with menopausal women and the results were astonishing!

All 20 women rated CHILL’s Menopausal Towels a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest. One respondent commented, “ You have provided the only product to menopausal women which provides instant relief from hot flashes and night sweats. The convenient 10X10 inch towel can be carried anywhere, I am a vice president of a major corporation and now I don’t have to face the embarrassment of running to the ladies room and splashing cold water on my face. With a retail price of only $1.99 it’s the best bargain of any menopausal product on the market!”

All you need to do to activate the instant cooling effect of CHILL Towels is remove the towel from the packaging and shake it. This releases the towel’s all-natural cooling formula. As the cooling towels begin to feel warm from your body’s heat, simply re-shake the towel to re-activate the formula.

CHILL engaged a division of TUV-Rhineland, Germany, world-renowned testing company, to conduct our product testing.

These independent tests confirmed that when a CHILL Cooling towel is opened and shaken to activate the formula, the towel temperature, as measured with a calibrated thermometer, is as low as 68 degrees – a full 30 degrees below body temperature.

The towel continues to be at least 20 degrees colder than body temperature for hours – especially if it’s reactivate with a simply shaking motion.

CHILL provides the best instant relief for menopausal symptoms tested, market proven and the best bargain you ever find.


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