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Press Release

Ketan Deshande Of MN Engineers Results For Ambit Customers

Ambit Inc., a management counsulting firm in Maple Grove, Minnesota, has recently announced that Ketan Deshpande of MN, its principal consultant, has been successful in engineering results for customers. The company states that Deshpande seamlessly integrates with customer teams to build a sustainable competitive advantage that will enable those businesses to grow and profit.

Ketan Deshpande engineers results for customers by offering a highly customized solution for their specific needs. The company states that he possesses experience in a number of areas, all of which have contributed to his success as a consultant with their team.

"Ketan has been a global strategic leader for more than 17 years," says a spokesperson for Ambit Inc. "His experience runs the gamut from business development to engineering and operations and he can and will get the job done every single time to meet specific client expectations."

Ketan Deshpande, MN, makes use of his wide experience, which includes elastomer and thermoplastics; automotive; medical devices; oil, gas and energy; and other industries. He is a GLG Council Member and a frequent contributor on Quora where he shares his knowledge and experience on topics like innovation, business development, manufacturing, and automotive, among a variety of other topics.

"Ketan also maintains a blog where he writes regularly about global economic trends as well as developments in manufacturing and technology," says the company spokesperson.

Ketan Deshpande of Minnesota is passionate about the latest in technology and about leveraging that technology to drive growth and profitability for customers. The company states that he has recently written about how manufacturers can leverage Industry 4.0, how people are important to execution of strategy, how to achieve operational excellence, maximizing profitability by leveraging Tax Credits and C&I Energy Conservation Rebates, and many others.

In 2014, the Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (SMMPA) of Litchfield, Minnesota, endorsed Deshpande for the energy conservation project that resulted in productivity improvement while achieving energy usage reductions. Those interested in getting more information about Deshpande can connect with Ketan Deshpande on his various social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, where he shares a number of updates on a variety of topics.


Contact Ambit Incorporated:

Ketan Sharad Deshpande
(612) 361-3917
Ketan Sharad Deshpande 327 Central Ave. Maple Grove, MN 55311

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