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Press Release

Historical Piano Brand of Wanckel & Temmler was acquired by China Company

Recently, Guangzhou Royal Culture Communication Co. Ltd. announced to acquire Wanckel & Temmler, which is a Century piano brand in Germany. After the history of hundred years, Wanckel & Temmler will be reproduced again to us in new features. Wanckel & Temmler piano was the royal brand created by two Piano Masters named Mr Wanckel and Mr Temmler, and this piano also was very famous in German aristocracy. Now, let's trace back to over 100 years ago to explore the development history of the brand.

In 1845, in the background of reform ideas about freedom, progress and democratic, at the invitation of the royal family, Earl Albert, Freddy Wanckel and Eduard Temmler hand-made the first piano in named “Flügel” , Flügel was also called Wings of Liberty and Wings of Kings because it symbolized the longing for liberty, which marked the birth of the piano brand Wanckel & Temmler.

In 1846, the “Flügel” technology patent was recognized by the countries of Germany, England and the United States. Up to now, the Flügel piano has been collected in the Musical Instruments Museum of University of Leipzig.

In 1848, Robert Schuhmann returned to University of Leipzig for the show with the piano of Wanckel & Temmler.

In 1862, the invention of repetitive structure being used in grand piano was patented by Germany, England and the United States. Meanwhile, it was awarded a medal in London exhibition.

In1876, Wanckel & Temmler piano had been a famous large-scale piano manufacturer.

In 1912, Wanckel & Temmler piano of Flügel appeared in Titanic Maiden Voyage!

Even now, Wanckel & Temmleris taken over and is about to start over with a new identity.

Guangzhou Royal Culture Communication Co. Ltd.

Guangzhou Royal Culture Communication Co. Ltd. as a brand gerneral operator,  the headquarters is locates in Guangzhou China, to promote Wanckel & Temmler brand culture, inspirit and innovation culture of piano eduction in the world!

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Company Name: Guangzhou Royal Culture Communication Co. Ltd.
Contact Person: Ms. Lin
Phone: 400-1800-178
Country: China

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