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Wealth Wallet Uses Hermetic Magic And Feng Shui Principles To Bring Wealth and Abundance To Those Who Carry It

NEW YORK, Aug. 11, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mystic Medusa, a prominent astrologer, announces the launch of the Wealth Wallet, a beautiful pouch that brings abundance to those who carry it. This innovative wallet is made from genuine leather and designed using astrology, Feng Shui principles and hermetic magic, enhancing prosperity through thoughtful design elements.

Wealth Wallet Inside view
Including the three Chinese coins, also known as the three coin wealth cure

Inside of Wealth Wallet
Including the powerful Latin phrase and Greek infinity symbol, attracting good fortune.

Back of the Wealth Wallet
With a zipper to hold all your coins.

Front of the Wealth Wallet
With beautiful gold detail

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“Everyday objects should be totemic and charged with positive energy,” said Mystic Medusa. “I incorporated these elements into the design of the wallet to maximize their effects, resulting in a sleek wallet with a strong Qi. The result is a beautiful wallet that attracts good fortune and prosperity.”

The Wealth Wallet was created by accessories designer, David Van Cotthem of Mallorca, Spain. David studied fashion design at Central Saint Martins in London, he currently lives between Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach and Paris, where he works with a variety of global luxury retailers. David’s inspiration for the Wealth Wallet comes from nature itself which he describes as, “the ultimate minimalist.”

All elements in the Wealth Wallet were designed according to the Divine Ratio, a perfectly symmetrical relationship between two proportions used to create pleasing, natural looking compositions. Many ancient artists believed this design in cosmological harmony attracted good fortune.

Innovative features in the wallet include:

  • Three Chinese coins that symbolize the energy of unity between humanity, earth and heaven, also known as the three coin wealth cure. Placed Yang side up and connected with an activated red tie, the coins cure money woes and attract wealth to the carrier.
  • Greek infinity symbol within the Wealth Wallet indicates no limits or blockages to your earning potential and awareness.
  • Latin phrase audaces fortuna invicta — which means “fortune favors the bold” — a powerful mantra that has been used for centuries to bring wealth, inspire strength in adversity and remind those that the bold will prevail.
  • A powerful Chinese symbol said to invite health, wealth and romance into the life of the wearer. 

The wallet is a made of red leather, a lucky color in Chinese culture, often associated with giving money and signifying happiness, ambition, courage and the energy to achieve your goals. It is 16.6cm x 11cm in size and costs $144 USD including Express Mail shipping all over the world.

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About Mystic Medusa
Mystic Medusa is written by a former copywriter and journalist. After discovering astrology at the age of 9, she did formal astrology training in her early teens. Based in Australia and now a mom to two kids, Mystic Medusa devotes herself to all things astrological, writing daily horoscopes and other contributing content on her website and engaging with her over 150,000 Facebook fans.

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