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A genius Chinese boy develops the PCB-3D Print system independently

In 2016, it was astonishing that hundred layers of PCB were made easily with FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling Technology).

A young inventor spent a year in creating a 3d printer through self-study. Born in 2000 in Laiyang, the hometown of pears, Bojuwang/Allen Wang is a silent kid fond of scientific inventions. From the kindergarten to primary school, Bojuwang/Allen Wang had always been approved for toys or cotton candy machine, and become a famous young inventor in local area.

In 2008, the eight-year-old Bojuwang/Allen Wang established his own company. Afterwards, he had registered his company (6565 technology) and wrote his own web pages.

In 2013, he started to study 3D printer. As a green hand in both finished goods and technologies, he had to learn by himself, and no one was willing to teach him. Stubborn and hardworking, Bojuwang/Allen Wang spent nearly a year in searching information and conducting all kinds of commissioning.

In 2014, Bojuwang/Allen Wang finally printed a 3D vase, which was the first large equipment among his inventions and it was successful.

Dissatisfied with the present results and continued to make innovations.

In 2016, Bojuwang/Allen Wang remade his 3D printer and called it the second-generation printer. Bojuwang/Allen Wang took it to participate in the 31st Shandong teenagers' science and technology innovation contest, and won the second prize for innovative technology, as well as the encouragement of the Association for Science and Technology, Education Sports Bureau and Science and Technology Bureau.

By the end of 2016, PCB-3D Print developed by Bojuwang/Allen Wang had already finished the fourth innovation, with great breakthroughs in each generation. Especially, the fourth-generation 3D printer is equipped with two groups of special extrusion system, of which one is for printing non-conductive materials, used as the base plate, and the other is for printing self-developed nano-silver-based conductive material, used as the conducting shell. Besides, the printed circuit board reaches hundreds of layers. The invention demonstrates that breakthrough progress has been made in this field in China, and Bojuwang/Allen Wang also won the champion in “2016 WTIO First Maker Competition” Final of China.

Later, Bojuwang/Allen Wang discovered from the big data investigation that games develop faster than science and technology in China. Therefore, he decided to write an anti-game program, and developed a program named “65 game shield” through data package interception and its process attack. It was well received among parents of many of his classmates, since it did not impact other computer functions. Bojuwang/Allen Wang said that “we could hang out many years ago, but now we could only stay at home and stare at the screen. I have to do something before my friends got completely addicted.”

Science and technology serve the life, and artificial intelligence rises.

Now Bojuwang/Allen Wang pursues his study in Canada. He knows the importance of knowledge, and understands that all inventions and creations cannot be separated from the knowledge irrigation. Bojuwang/Allen Wang firmly believes that science and technology no need to worry about fantasy. Human imagination is what we worry about. Moreover, he is determined to going further and further in the path of scientific and technological innovations. So far, Bojuwang/Allen Wang has made satisfactory achievements both in his designs and innovations in his childhood and successful innovations at present, and he firmly believes that he can meet with more brilliant success in the new age.


About Bojuwang/Allen Wang: (Personal link:

In 2000, Bojuwang/Allen Wang was born in Laiyang.

In 2003, he made a table lamp with radish, battery and a cake flower.

In 2008, he remade a remote loudspeaker.

In 2008, he started to prepare for the establishment of his own company (6565 technology).

In 2008, his company was officially named.

In 2011, he made a cotton candy machine and refit the entrance door of the housing estate.

In 2012, he made a hand-held eight-grade accelerated electromagnetic gun successfully.

In 2013, he spent the whole summer vacation in making four electronic guns and one 3D printer. After long-time test and repeated assembly, he finally printed a perfect 3D vase in 2015.

In September 2014, he won the title “A young star (scientific invention) in the hometown of pears” of primary and middle schools in Laiyang.

In October 2014, he started to write his first website.

On September 9, 2015, his invention “an autonomous seedlings irrigation device” won the national utility model patent.

In December 2015, “an autonomous seedlings irrigation device” won the gold award in the “first national future scientists originality competition”

On December 22, 2015, he printed the head portrait for his grandma successfully. Due to the unsatisfactory precision, he started to research the second generation of 3D printer, of which both the precision and size had been improved substantially.

In December 2015, he won the gold award in the “future scientists” national young inventor competition of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In March 2016, the first generation of “new practical 3D printer” won the first prize in 2015 teenagers' science and technology innovation contest of Laiyang.

In May 2016, he took part in the competition of Soong Ching Ling Young Inventor Foundation with his third generation 3D printer.

On June 15, 2016, his invention “AI home system” won the national utility model patent.

In July 2016, his second generation “new practical 3D printer” won the first prize in the 31st teenagers' science and technology innovation contest of Yantai.

In July 2016, his second generation “new practical 3D printer” won the second prize in the 31st teenagers' science and technology innovation contest of Shandong.

In July 2016, his “PCB 3D printer” won the champion of WTIO Maker Competition in Shandong Area.

In August 2016, his “in-vehicle emergency device” won the first prize in Shandong Internet of Things Creativity Competition.

In August 2016, his “PCB 3D printer” won the champion of the middle school group in the selective trial of WTIO Maker Competition China.

In August 2016, he won the champion of the middle school group in the final competition of “APRC Maker Competition” of APRC China Adolescent Robotics Competition.

In November 2016, he was invited to take part in the APRC International Challenge held in Germany.

In November 2016, his “new practical second generation 3D printer” won the gold award in Shandong Adolescent Invention Contest.

On November 30, 2016, his “3D printer supplies” entered the substantive examination of the state.

In December 2016, his 3D printing work won the best creative award in the first New Science and Technology Competition Final.

On December 14, 2016, his invention “a PCB 3D printer” won the won the national utility model patent.

In December 2016, the new practical second-generation 3D printer won the gold award in the sixth national campus innovation competition.

In December 2016, Bojuwang/Allen Wang was hired as a senior advisor by Shandong 3D Focus 3D Technology Co., Ltd.

In January 2017, Bojuwang/Allen Wang rewrote Apple touchbar to get it work on the basis of windows touch screen.

In April 2017, his “game anti-addiction program” (65 game shield) won the first prize in Shandong teenagers' science and technology innovation contest.

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Company Name: 6565Tech
Contact Person: Bojuwang
Phone: 18553557815
Country: China

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