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New “Row, Row, Row your boat…” song with lyrics video to be launched by Mum Mum TV on YouTube

16 Jun, 2017 - Mum Mum TV has announced that they are all set to launch the new row row row your boat song through the popular online video channel, YouTube to help the parents and the teaching staff teach the popular rhymes to their kids easily.

Row Row Row your boat rhyme has remained the favorite song of the nursery kids and toddlers right from the year 1852. Earlier, this rhyme for kids was sung with a different tune. The earlier recording of the modern version of the song that is sung today was performed during the year 1881. Many historians have also opined that this song about rowing the boat, has in depth meaning.

Mum Mum TV has remained the popular choice of the parents of small kids across the globe, as the company specializes in releasing many interesting rhymes and songs for kids through the YouTube channel with stunning music, astounding graphics and clear cut lines to educate the kids faster with eye grabbing sequences. This nursery song is featured in Full HD quality to make the kids enjoy the rhymes in razor sharp quality with stunning animations to grab their attention right away.

The row row row your boat song is a classic rhyme for nursery kids in the US that has been sung by the kids with action across the world till date. This rhyme remains the favourite one of people of all ages, as it has a fun filed tone in it. This is why this nursery song is played for playing games in the kids’ birthday parties, events and family get together occasions. It is easy to teach row your boat rhyme to the kids by using the hands to mimic the rowing action while singing the song when the song video on YouTube is played. This song is an apt choice to keep the children engaged for several hours as it will be fun to learn the song.

Teaching the row row row your boat lyrics is not a tedious task, as one would be able to find it beneath the description of the rhyme. The YouTube video of this rhyme for kids features two beautiful small girls taking a boat ride across a picturesque river with the backdrop of a waterfall while singing the song. The video has several special elements to keep the kids hooked to the screen, as it includes animations like fish, birds, butterflies and frogs dancing with the girls to the song. The rhyme ends with a beautiful sunset when the girls reach the deck after rowing the boat.

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About Mum Mum TV

Mum Mum TV offers video songs of nursery rhymes to make the education time of toddlers and preschoolers a fun filled one. They have launched videos of most of the popular nursery rhymes like row row row your boat etc to keep the little ones engaged.

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