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Press Release

DataJaguar launches 20 times faster database software

SAN RAMON, CA - 8 Jun, 2017 - DataJaguar, Inc., the global provider of the fastest and easiest data management platform built on revolutionary data indexing technology, today announced the release of 20X faster Jaguar NoSQL database software, which provides a critical feature of production quality NoSQL database. Customer data can be replicated with multiple copies on different servers to provent data loss.

Upon hardware failure or network interruption, the Jaguar cluster will continue to operate to ensure that no data records are lost. A Jaguar database cluster will restore itself to normal condition when faulty hardware is replaced or network becomes live again. This feature enables a Jaguar database system to have high availability and security. Besides Jaguar's blazing fast data processing capability, this new feature allows Jaguar dabatase to be deployed in any production environment, in cloud or in corporate data centers. 

As data-collecting sensors spread across almost every industry, the Internet of Things is going to trigger a massive influx of big data. In Internet of Things billions of devices will be interconnected and massive amounts of data will be generated 24x7. DataJaguar delves into an area where management of IoT data is critical to the success of IoT applications. Data is flowing to data centers at extremely high velocity, which requires a big data system ingest data at high speed. On top of the high data ingestion rate, an efficient big data platform must deliver high-speed data analytics. A fast database system is essential to an IoT data platform. Jaguar database is a very promising technological solution to IoT data management.

About DataJaguar

DataJaguar is a silicon valley startup and an incubated company by UStartX located in Sandhill Road, Menlo Park, California. DataJaguar is revolutionizing enterprise data management by offering innovative data indexing technology and product. DataJaguar's flagship product, Jaguar NoSQL database, speeds up data processing by 20 times. In recent benchmark tests against other popular database, Jaguar database showed excellent performance in data ingestion and search. Jaguar database is optimized for Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. Jaguar database can quickly index, process, and analyze machine data and numerical data. A Jaguar database cluster can scale horizontally to any size to meet the demand of business growth.

Media Contact
Company Name: DATAJAGUAR
Contact Person: JONATHAN YUE
Phone: 9255774418
Country: United States

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