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Press Release

TaskQue: New Kid on the Block Is Transforming Business Team’s Productivity

Finally, the big boys in the task-management-tool industry have been given a run for their money because they now have a new, heavy hitter stepping on their turf;a force to reckon with. Welcome to the intelligent and smart world of TaskQue.

Are you sick and tired of using the same task management tools? Are you looking for a refreshing change? Do you want to take your team productivity to the next level in a simple, attractive & user-friendly way? If the answer to all three questions is yes, then you take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and we’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes to the awesome world of TaskQue.

TaskQue is a cloud-based intelligent team task management system that optimizes resource utilization and maximizes productivity without overburdening your resources. It uses an intelligent task allocation algorithm and automates your task assignment process so that you can achieve higher productivity levels both as an individually and collectively.

Get Ahead of the Competition with TaskQue’s Unique Features

Gain competitive advantage over your competitors by boosting your team’s productivity with TaskQue’s following innovative features:


Queue is a smart task allocation mechanism that allows you to get the best out of your resources by automating task assignment. The intelligent algorithm strikes the perfect balance by managing workload efficiently and ensuring optimal utilization of all the resources without exhausting them.


Group feature enables managers to batch similar resources together and assign a bunch of same tasks to the group instead of individually assigning each task to a resource in the group. As soon as one member completes a task, next task is automatically assigned. This proactively prevents delays and negative impacts on team productivity. Our online task manager saves you from hassle and save your time while boosting your group productivity.


Discuss ideas and project prospects with your team members or conduct fruitful meetings with clients & vendors with discussion feature. Keeping track of items discussed in a meeting is not an issue anymore, thanks to Discussion’s ability to create minutes of meeting with a click.

Summary - Insights

Monitor individual workspace, project or resource’s performance to get a better idea of your project status. Track project’s progress and get real time project insights with TaskQue’s Summary feature. This helps you to identify any bottlenecks that might hamper performance and enable you to take prompt corrective measures to ensure smooth sailing of the project.


Create your own workflows or customize workflows to suit your unique business needs. Users do not have to tweak their business processes and workflows to fit into TaskQue, rather the system allows you to build workflows that match processes that are unique to your business processes. No matter what your business process and workflows are, TaskQue adapts accordingly and offer flexibility your team is looking for.

To-Do List

Create separate To-Do lists for personal and professional use and you will never forget to run any important personal and professional errand again.


Juggle multiple projects effortlessly from different domains without messing up any one of them with our Workspace feature. Avoid resource allocation overlapping by creating separate workspaces.

No Download and Installation Required

Thanks to TaskQue being a web-based software, users do not have to download any installers to use TaskQue. This means that users can access TaskQue anytime, from anywhere, all they need is an internet-enabled device. You can take advantage of TaskQue in both free and paid versions. The free version offers limited features while the paid version gives you access to premium features that facilitate hassle-free task management.

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