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Press Release

ROSTHERNE, A New Favorite of Anti-aging Beauty Awards

CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women Award)Beauty Awards UK is known as the ‘Oscar of the Beauty Industry’. The CEW has brought leading members of cosmetics, perfume, skincare and any other beauty industries together, representing the standard, tendency and trends of the industry. Voted on by industry professionals and experts in the field of beauty, and the public, the annual CEW Beauty Awards recognizes outstanding high quality products and innovative products. Every year, over 300 items of annual production of beauty products are open tested by the CEW.

In the selection process of the awards, the nominated beauty products will be personally tried out by the industry professionals, experts and CEW members, following by a vote on the internet. The final product (and company) winner will be invited to attend the glamorous awards ceremony in New York. CEW Beauty Awards is recognized as the most prestigious and honorable awards in beauty industry.

ROSTHERNE brought its bestsellers Renee Advanced Repair Toner (Commonly known as ‘skin refresher’) and Renee Clearly White Serum (Commonly known as ‘the little pink bottle’) to attend the CEW Beauty Awards Summit again this year. ROSTHERNE is one of the three cosmeceutical series (the other two series are HENLEAZE, and VINSTRA) of EVIGT SOLSKIN COSMECEUTICALS CO., LTD. The brand of ROSTHERNE originated from ROSTHERNE MERE, a national nature reserve in the UK and a hundred year hidden place of residence for the UK nobility, with a hidden legend of ‘the ageless mermaid’.

In this legend, Dr. Jones and Princess Ansel had eloped from the manor for their love, and then began their vagrant life. In order to help Princess Ansel to regain a youthful and glamorous look from her growing gloomy face, Dr. Jones visits ROSTHERNE MERE on every Easter day to wait for the ageless mermaid to bring him the secret of staying forever young and elixir.

ROSTHERNE, A Key to Your Anti-aging Secret

According to a statistics, the skins of the European women and the European men have been entered into anti-aging process since one’s 25 years old and 27 years old, respectively. This is also one of the reasons why cosmeceutical products with anti-aging effect have become the preferred choice in the market. COSMECEUTICAL can be identified as a tool that solves skin beauty problems in medical ways.

Having an effect of skin regeneration and anti-aging, the concentration of the cosmeceutical products’ effective ingredients is higher than those of the general skincare products, however, lower than those of the medicine. Skin aging is caused by Intrinsic and extrinsic reasons. Intrinsic aging naturally happens when one’s getting old. Extrinsic aging is largely caused by environmental influences, such as reactive oxygen species (ROS), UV exposure and free radicals. In addition, constant damages brought by free radicals on cells lead body aging.

Through the entry point of skin base regeneration, ROSTHERNE Renee Advanced Repair Toner directly solves the root of the skin problems by repairing the natural physical barriers of skin, and helps the skin to return to its healthy conditions. There are some signs of early skin aging, such as sunburn spots, macula, pigment, acne scars, wrinkles, dehydrated skin, dull skin, and couperose skin, etc. One of the unique ingredients of ROSTHERNE Renee Advanced Repair Toner is EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), which has been awarded by the Noble Prize in achievement of high-tech ingredient.

Thanks to the EGF, the users’ regeneration mechanism of skin cells will be renewed, and the aging cells will be replaced at the same time. By slowing down skin’s aging speed, it keeps the secret of users’ ages, and helps one to return to the youthful look.

With a cutting-edge Renee ExpertTM technology of skin whitening, ROSTHERNE Renee Clearly White Serum includes multiple active factors, which effectively ‘swallow’ ’correct’ and ’control’ dark spots, and ‘renew’ the damaged cells. The users will witness HD visual effects of the change on their skins only after 7 days of usage. These two best sellers are recognized for their outstanding effects.

Apart from being awarded by the CEW Beauty Awards, ROSTHERNE has been honored numerous beauty awards in the industry. Departing from the UK, the anti-aging effect of ROSTHERNE has covered the whole world. Now, ROSTHERNE has entered into the markets of USA, France, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Hong Kong.

The products of ROSTHERNE are globally respected by dermatologists, medical cosmetology industry and its customers day by day. With a rigorous scientific attitude, ROSTHERNE will endlessly research and develop the active anti-aging ingredients with the maximum effect, and will stay ahead of the anti-aging industry, upholding the philosophy of ‘sharing love, lasting beauty’, proposed by Dr. Jones.

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