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Press Release

Zulu Quality Accepted Into The Amazon Exclusives Program

Today Zulu Quality, makers of the Best Original Smooth Edge Can Opener, announced that they have been accepted into the Amazon Exclusives program. Amazon Exclusives is a special Amazon program with its own Amazon storefront, that features branded items in various categories that are sold exclusively through the retail giant. Members of Amazon's Exclusives program enjoy the benefits of a close partnership with Amazon, including enhanced exposure through Amazon's targetted advertising.

"We were so happy to be accepted into this program," says Customer Relations VP, Alison Marpowitz. "Exclusives is exclusive in more ways than one. Not only does it mean an exclusive with Amazon, but it also means we're now partnered directly with Amazon and are part of an exclusive group of sellers."

Zulu Quality is a kitchen supply store whose motto is "Love Your Kitchen". They released the Smooth Edge Can Opener in November of 2016. The can opener is also what's called a Safety Can Opener, as it opens cans leaving a smooth edge on both lid and can. Unlike traditional can openers it has only one handle, and grips the can with no need to squeeze or clamp.

"This really is a unique can opener," says Ms. Marpowitz. "It's the next evolution of opening cans. In fact, it's the first true 'opener'. Until the Smooth Edge Opener can openers cut the can, leaving a jagged edge. Now they edge is smooth and the lid can even be put back on. It's nearly revolutionary."

Interested parties can contact the company directly at their site, or can find them on Amazon. The Exclusives store front changes each month, and each month the Zulu can opener is features in two of the Exclusives categories.


Contact Zulu Quality:

David McDaniel
1232 Jasmine Way Clearwater, FL 33756

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