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Press Release

Dr. Maher Soudah Pioneers New Lucrative Medical Schools

Executive Dean, Doctor and Entrepreneur Maher Soudah Opens New Schools

West Palm Beach, FL: Well known and respected educational Doctor, Maher Soudah, MD, has pioneered two new medical education schools located in the beautiful country of Belize and also in South Florida. Columbus Central University (CCU) is now open in the astonishingly beautiful country of Belize. Columbus Central University is a quality medical school located in Belize where students study medicine with accredited pre-med, basic and clinical science programs. The medical curriculum taught at CCU by President and CEO Maher Soudah and his talented team integrates top academic features of American and Caribbean medical schools. Belize is considered the absolute best place for medical education in the Caribbean. More information regarding Dr. Maher Soudah and Columbus Central University can be found by visiting the following link:

Dr. Maher Soudah is in the process of pioneering another successful medical education school by the name of Kaiser Career Institute, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The institution is founded by Dr. Maher Soudah and is 100% committed to the development of technical careers with a focus in health care. Maher Soudah decided to start this institute associating with a very select group of professionals to offer technicians the opportunity to have a short career with high community impact. Maher Soudah, who will act as Executive Dean and President of Kaiser Career Institute claims, “We are extremely excited about the future of this medical education school. Students at our facility will get to experience the hands-on teaching that medicine requires. Kaiser Career Institute (KCI) starts its operations offering 5 diplomas, in one campus with cooperation agreements with 4 health institutions in the South Florida Area. All faculty, directors, and administration staff have several years of experience in education and health care.” More information regarding Kaiser Career Institute and Doctor Maher Soudah can be found by visiting the following link:

Maher Soudah is a well known and respected medical doctor and entrepreneur in the field of medicinal education. He currently owns and operates a variety of medical schools and businesses including:
• Kaiser Wellness Centers (West Palm Beach, FL)
• MedSave Clinic (Columbus, OH)
• Washington University of Health & Science (WUHS) (Belize)
• Kaiser Medical Tourism (VIP Medicine) (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
• Caribbean Medical Education Consulting Group (CMECG) (Orlando, FL)

Maher Soudah and the faculty at his schools engage students to apply their knowledge in more ways and encourage the use of technology to help learning. Their faculty and staff is focused not only on their knowledge of the science of education, but also on learning new methods of teaching and new ways to reach their current and future students. This results in a more successful education and leads to a better overall education for all students enrolled in schools owned by Dr. Maher Soudah, MD.

Dr. Maher J. Soudah is continually improving and growing his current businesses and medical education schools. For anyone interested in attending his medical schools here or in the Caribbean, he welcomes them with open arms. Readers can follow the personal blog of Dr. Maher Soudah by visiting the following link:

About Dr. Maher Soudah: Maher Soudah is a renowned business owner and medical doctor who currently resides in West Palm Beach, FL. Dr. Maher Soudah is the current owner of Kaiser Wellness Center in West Palm Beach, FL as well as MedSave Clinic in Columbus, OH. Maher Soudah has been known as a pioneer in the field of medicine education for many years and has established several successful businesses and practices


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Dr. Maher Soudah

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