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Talc Lawsuits Put Johnson & Johnson In A Losing Category

Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has lost six of the largest ever drug and device verdicts. In 2016 alone, the company was ordered to pay millions in restitutions and many of these have been ordered due to talc lawsuits.

"The pharmaceutical company has taken five of the six slots for most losses in 2016," says a representative for, a popular information site for consumers. "Only Audi came in on the list otherwise. Aside from that, it was all Johnson & Johnson and three of those slots were for talcum powder lawsuits."

According to recent Bloomberg reports, the pharmaceutical company faced jury losses for three products which include Risperdal, DePuy hip implants, and talcum powder based products. The allegations in these lawsuits have been that Johnson & Johnson failed to warn buyers of their products about the potential risks associated with using them.

The claims involving talcum powder allege that Johnson's Baby Powder and Shower To Shower when used regularly over time have led to the development of ovarian cancer in a number of women. The company was ordered to pay restitutions to women in St. Louis, Missouri, in the amounts of $72 million, $70 million, and $55 million, and more cases are still being heard and more claims are being filed against the company.

"They're facing more than 100,000 lawsuits in total," says the representative for "And that's not even the half of what is probably going to be filed in the future."

The number of cases against Johnson & Johnson to date involving their talcum powder based products has risen to just over 3,000. A recent case that went to trial ended in favor of the plaintiff, to which Johnson & Johnson filed a bid to have the decision overturned but the court did not agree. Claims state that the pharmaceutical company knew of the risks associated with using talc based products on the genital region yet they marketed and sold those products for years at the expense of the consumers' health.

Those interested in obtaining more information about these lawsuits can visit on their official website where a timeline of the studies done on the link between ovarian cancer and the use of talcum powder can also be found.



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