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Press Release

Workplace Depression Could Be Reduced Thanks To Restore Ketamine Infusion. A New Treatment for Depression

Cost of Stress on the U.S. Economy Is $300 Billion? Says Who. The new treatment for depression could reduce that amount and help those who suffer from depression to get their life back within hours and without having to wait long periods of time.

The Ketamine Institute who has brought the first Restore Ketamine Infusion Center to Pensacola, Florida, has said the days lost to workplace stress and depression and the cost to companies in the U.S. could be significantly reduced through their new treatment. The new exciting and effective treatment for depression is called Restore Ketamine Infusion, which can begin to offer relief in just minutes to hours.

Since the new Restore Ketamine Infusion Center was launched, it has gained state-wide and worldwide exposure for the results that it has achieved. As well as helping people who suffer from depression, it can also help with anxiety, pain and provide relief for symptoms of Fibromyalgia, PTSD and Migraine Headache. However, the most exciting news for the commercial sector in the U.S. is how it could help businesses to reduce the cost of people taking days off work due to illness and workplace depression and stress.

Dr. G. Grass, the founder of The Ketamine Institute, said: “Workplace stress and depression costs the U.S. Economy $300 Billion a year, showing how important it is to tackle it in the shortest time possible. With our new treatment, we can help those that need treatment for depression, enabling them to get their life back on track.”

The new treatment for depression cannot only help to reduce the number of days lost within the workplace, it can also save lives. Each year, 800,000 lives are lost to depression, showing how important a new and tested therapy is, and that therapy has arrived thanks to Dr. G. Grass.

The new fast working and effective relief has been described as one of the most exciting breakthroughs for helping those that suffer from depression, to find out more about the new therapy, please visit

Notes To The Editor

•80% of workers feel stress on the job, nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress, and 42% say their coworkers need such help

•14% of respondents had felt like striking a coworker in the past year, but didn’t

•25% have felt like screaming or shouting because of job stress, 10% are concerned about an individual at work they fear could become violent

About The Ketamine Institute

The Ketamine Institute was founded by Dr. G. Grass, a board-certified anesthesiologist and pain medicine specialist. Dr. Grass is a former Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at the Yale University School of Medicine, where the use of ketamine to treat depression was first discovered. He has over 15 years of experience treating patients with ketamine. He has pioneered the new and innovative Restore Ketamine Infusion protocol to successfully and rapidly treat severe depression, anxiety and pain disorders.

Media Contact:

Company Name: Ketamine Institute

Contact Person: Dr Gerald Grass, MD


Phone: 800-850-6979

Country: United States


Media Contact
Company Name: Ketamine Institute
Contact Person: Gerald W. Grass, MD
Phone: 800-850-6979
Country: United States

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