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Press Release

Terry Williams calls for Spiritual fortitude in 3 books he has written

The fortitude anyone can experience is found by developing a relationship with God based on their belief and trust in him more than they do in themselves. Terry calls for readers to live each day believing and trusting in the Lord so they may live happy, joyous and free in what he refers to as divine carelessness.

In You, Jesus, & The Father, Terry discusses many things that can help readers discover freedom and purpose for their lives. He also explains to the reader how they can find out how much they are truly loved by the Creator of the universe while living today. This book will guide anyone down an awesome road of wisdom and strength that can only come from the Lord. The keys to tapping into the wisdom and strength of the Lord and seeing him work in every area of your life are revealed. Terry expresses that all of mankind is loved by God because God is love. Terry reveals simple choices that anyone can make on a daily basis that will lead them to knowing and understanding how much they are loved by God as they apply simple principles in their everyday lives. The principles come directly from the Word of God (Bible) and Terry says God made sure to manifest the Bible during the last 650 years only so mankind can gain a full understanding of who God is, what he is really like, and his great love for all of his children. The book contains bible verses that are designed to be read daily and he also uses relatable and relevant points that are easy to understand. This book strengthens the fact that God is our Father. Terry says that God is our parent and will do just as any loving parent would do for their children. Terry also reassures the reader of God's unconditional love and unlike an earthly parent God has no limitations of what he can do if only we believe.

The Spirit vs The Flesh explores the realities, warnings and dangers of living self willed lives that can only be found within the Word of God. Terry say's self will is permissible, but it is not recommended by the Lord. Terry also brings one important question to the table. Where in the bible does it advise us to grow up and take care of ourselves? The answer is it doesn't! Terry also expresses that self will even with good intentions is the most subtle form of pride that millions have been deceived into believing to be the way to make it through this life. Nothing, Terry say's could be farther from the truth. The truth of the matter is that God's spirit resides inside of us and he has done such a thing so that we may grow to know him, understand him, and trust him with our lives in his hands just as any child would do toward their loving parents so they may live protected, free, peaceful, joyful, purposeful, adventurous, and powerful lives.

Terry says nobody ever told him he could believe and trust God with his life in his hands. Once he was shown he could and realized all the remarkable things that started to happen in his life, he thought it would be a good idea to freely give what he had been given. Terry started writing a few years back and has now published 3 books with a 365 daily devotional in the works. Terry expresses with full confidence that there is absolutely no reason why anyone else can't get the same results or better results than he has gotten. Terry say's it's truly remarkable to know and understand we are cared for so much by a loving Heavenly Father and only hopes his books will help others to develop a relationship with our Heavenly Father so they too can live happy, joyous and free in this dangerous and fallen world.

Terry believes, knows, and understands there is absolutely no reason why anyone shouldn't be able to experience our Heavenly Father as their provider, protector, refuge, joy and strength. The only thing God asks from us is for us to believe in him and trust him more than we do in ourselves so we may experience everything he has to offer any of us.  Terry's message's for the readers are many, but everyone of them deliver the goods needed so the reader can put the goods to work in their own lives. Terry dreams of spreading this good news all around the world and he knows the Lord is going to help him get it done.

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You, Jesus, & The Father

Trusting and Yielding to Him Who is Love

'The Spirit vs The Flesh

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About the Author

Terry Williams was raised in America. He came from a not very religious family, but he always believed in the existence of God. He now lives in Collierville, Tennessee and has published 3 books that will help anyone develop a relationship with God.

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