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Press Release

New Tool Saves Web Designers A Massive Headache

Extracting content from clients for web design purposes has never been easier!

All web designers know that gathering content from their clients can take a long time. Indeed, it is one of the most time-consuming aspects of the website building process. Most professionals complain about having to chase up clients and dig through emails. They also waste many hours reformatting when they discover the relevant information.

Thankfully, there is now a solution to that issue that helps to automate the entire process. It could assist people in the industry to become more productive and boost turnover. It should also contribute towards limiting mistakes and ensure people are happy with their final product.

Content Snare automates the task of content gathering and saves precious time every job people complete. The company advises people to think about their tool as a forms app on steroids. Designers just have to follow a basic three-step process to witness the benefits for themselves.

1. Layout all the content in a simple and straightforward structure, so clients know that’s required.

2. Use Content Snare to chase and follow up information. Professionals will then receive an email when the content is ready.

3. Copy and paste the content into any web design without having to reformat.

Here are some of the main advantages to using this tool:

• Specialists can plug in the info and content they require from their clients.

• Designers can plan out content areas and get exactly what they need.

• Use WYSIWYG, checkboxes, dropdowns and file uploads to get everything in one go.

• Get content ready, so it just needs copying and pasting.

• See outstanding content and percent complete with a quick glance of the colour coded dashboard.

• Easily reuse templates from previous clients and a template library.

Content Snare is due for release for marketers in March 2017. Many people in the industry are extremely excited about the benefits it could bring to their operations. They expect it will help them to decrease working times and manage more projects simultaneously. That means business owners still get the best websites possible. However, marketers and design companies can increase their profits. So, this tool could become the backbone of professional web design during the next few years.

Anyone with interest in the tool can get in touch with this company via a contact form on their website. Alternatively, they can use the details listed below. There is always someone on hand to offer advice, and the team tries to reply to emails as quickly as possible. Everyone working in the marketing or web design industries will want to try this out when the release date comes around.

Media Contact
Company Name: Content Snare
Contact Person: James Rose
Phone: 61731063450
Country: Australia

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