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Press Release

Introducing the Biophilia Retail System & Concept Store

Shaping a Fair and Sustainable Food System.

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Cincinnati, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/31/2017 -- Biophilia is a startup B-Corp dedicated to changing the way we produce, trade and consume food through the Biophilia Retail System (BRS), which acts through two main tools: the Biophilia Concept Store and the Biophilia Farmer Fund.

Through an IndieGoGo campaign starting January 23, 2017, Biophilia is raising funds to launch its first innovative Concept Store in New York City, which will provide direct market access to more than 8,000 farmers and food producers from around the world, while empowering consumers to become agents of positive change.

Ten percent of total profits generated by the Concept Store will be invested through the Biophilia Farmer Fund to support farmers and rural communities in creating new initiatives in regenerative and sustainable agriculture.


Think of the Biophilia Retail System as a three-pronged stool, with each leg working together and fulfilling a vital role in maintaining balance:

Enhanced Fair Trade

Biophilia will take fair trade to the next level by offering direct market access to small and medium scale farmers whose certified products are sustainably produced. Biophilia will buy directly and will pay farmers full market price, avoiding a long chain of intermediaries.

Conscious Consumption

Through the immersive experience offered by the Concept Store, Biophilia will turn food retail into a major tool for positive change, connecting consumers to the people and cultures behind the food we consume while generating the resources to invest in sustainable and regenerative agriculture. By default, consumers become an agent of positive change.

Sustainable & Regenerative Agriculture

Through the Farmer Fund, Biophilia will be able to support farmers by investing 10% of total profits generated by the store to create new initiatives in regenerative and sustainable agriculture, empowering rural communities and help recover from natural disasters.


The Biophilia Retail System generates positive impact on three main fronts:

Improving Socio-economic Standards

World population is estimated to reach 9.7 billion by 2050. Today, 70% of the world's farmers represent more than half of the world's hungriest people. More than ever, our planet needs a new food system capable to feed us while preserving our planet. The Biophilia Retail System is designed to successfully face unprecedented challenges and dramatically improve socio-economic standards within rural communities.

Food Retail Becomes a Tool For Positive Change

The disconnection between food producers and consumers caused by the current food system hinders our ability to make progress towards a more sustainable future. The Biophilia Concept Store will change the way we approach, buy and consume food, providing consumers with ethical, sustainable and healthy food while transforming food retail into a major tool for social and environmental change.

Mitigating Climate Change

The Biophilia Retail System and Concept Store directly contribute in mitigating the effects of climate change, acting on two main fronts: sustainable food production and conscious consumption. The first enables the improvement of soil performance through sustainable land management, and by limiting greenhouse gas emission, while protecting the environment and biodiversity. The latter minimizes food waste and helps preserve our planet by empowering consumers to make deliberate, ethical and sustainable choices in the products they buy.

How You Can Help

By donating to the campaign, you'll become part of a much-needed revolution that will change our food system and create a new, participative and responsible economy based on enhanced fair trade and sustainable agriculture.

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