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Press Release

Masserang Consulting Announces Luncheon To Discuss Crawl Space Moisture Control

Masserang Contracting & Consulting in Concord, North Carolina has announced a private lunch to be held on January 13, 2017. The luncheon will be by invitation only and the crawl space repair/moisture consultant company has announced that Steve Michael from Atmox Systems has offered to facilitate the instructional part of the meeting. Both companies agree that the lunch should serve as a learning point for many in the industry and say that they look forward to the collaboration that the event brings.

Masserang Consulting - Crawl Space Moisture Control

Steve Michael will answer higher engineering and design questions that meeting attendees may have about their controller, system design parameters, or the science of the dew point curve and its relationship to moisture release on residential as well as commercial structures. "It is our hope that we can cover specific questions that the engineers have in an informal question and answer format that is practical for applications and means that you may see in the field," says Michael Masserang, owner of Masserang Contracting & Consulting.

"As this science has become critical in my engagements with clients in regards to foundation repair and crawl space health, the importance of integrating these systems together into the whole house solution has becomes obvious," says Masserang.

Atmox is the integrated solution to managing moisture in crawl spaces and also assists with managing moisture and heat in attics and in unfinished basements and other enclosures. Masserang states that having Steve Michael onboard during the meeting to answer technical questions should prove to be as informative as it is entertaining.

Masserang Contracting & Consulting is a leading crawl space repair and moisture consultant and offers services for crawlspace encapsulation as well as repair of foundation, pressure grouting, and retaining walls to local area home and business owners.

Masserang reiterates that the lunch is offered to locals by invitation only and those interested in obtaining an invitation can contact the company through their official website. He states that anyone interested in learning more about their systems can contact them as well. Those interested in learning more about the Atmox control system or Steve Michael and his work within the industry can contact him via the official Atmox company website.


Contact Masserang Contracting & Consulting:

Michael Masserang
1700 Songwood Rd Concord, NC 28025