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Aria Craig, Author of “THE SINGLE MOTHER DIARIES” Reveals How to Become a Successful and Fabulous Single Mother by Making Better Life Decisions on Business Innovators Radio

Author of “THE SINGLE MOTHER DIARIES”, Aria Craig, was the featured guest on Business Innovators Radio with host Stewart Andrew Alexander talking about how to become a successful and fabulous single mother by making better life decisions.

On a recent episode of Business Innovators Radio with Stewart Andrew Alexander, Author of “THE SINGLE MOTHER DIARIES”, Aria Craig, discussed some of the topics within her book surrounding being successful as a single parent, making better life decisions, and teaching children to become productive leaders in society.

According to Craig, “Single women whose fathers are not involved in their children’s lives have to realize the most important things are their children and themselves. They have to really disconnect that emotional aspect with the father, look at it more like a business transaction and do what’s in the best interest of the child.”

Craig, said “When they make decisions from that aspect, they’re not going to get emotionally pulled in, upset or bitter with the father. They have to transform their minds to understand they now have to move forward with themselves and another person.”

When host Stewart Andrew Alexander asked if more and more single successful women are a recent trend, Craig answered, “I have to answer yes to that. We have to remember that even divorced moms are considered single moms. A lot of times we have moms that are in different positions and we have to remember that they are the leaders in their households and they have to be the influencers for their children.”

During the Interview Craig talked about the general misconception that all single mothers are on welfare and produce illegitimate children who turn out to be menaces to society, explaining, “We can’t allow society and the media to control how we view people, that’s part of the stigma. Look at the people around you. There are a lot of single, or divorced parents in leadership positions that are not on welfare.”

Aria Craig is a blended mother and Business Growth Strategist with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. She is considered to be a leader when it comes to empowering single mothers and fathers around the globe with making better life decisions and succeeding in single parenthood. This reflects in her book, “THE SINGLE MOTHER DIARIES: Tips and Wisdom on Being a Fabulous and Successful Single Mother”.

The interview concluded with Craig saying “I want single mothers to keep their minds focussed on whatever initiatives they have for themselves and their families, to keep moving forward and to surround themselves with other positive, ambitious moms. They’ll get there, they’ll reach the top.”

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