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Researchers Use Nanohydrogel To Fight Ovarian Tumors As Talcum Powder Lawsuit Number Climb reports on an article by Scicasts indicating that researchers in Georgia have achieved unprecedented results in fighting ovarian cancer.

According to the article, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have achieved an unexpected and drastic “reduction of ovarian cancer during successful tests of targeted nanohydrogel delivery in vivo in mice.” The gel pellets were able to hone in on the affected cells with an RNA strand. Once the RNA entered the cell, the article stated, it knocked down a protein that is present in many forms of cancer.

As progress continues to be made in ovarian cancer treatment, many women continue to suffer its effects. The disease has been particularly troubling to a near 2,000 women who have opted to file lawsuits against companies such as Johnson & Johnson alleging that their ovarian cancer is a result of using their talcum powder products. These plaintiffs state that after prolonged use of things such as Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder for feminine hygiene purposes, they were diagnosed with the deadly disease. These women are now claiming that a direct link exists between the two and that Johnson & Johnson knowingly marketed these products without warning consumers about the risks.

Johnson & Johnson has adamantly denied these claims and stated that they have “followed the science.” Studies over the last 40 years have been split on whether there is a connection between talcum powder and ovarian cancer. While some researchers have found an increased risk of cancer associated with talcum powders, others have found no such evidence.

Despite the lack of evidence, three juries have found that Johnson & Johnson can be held accountable for these women’s pain and suffering. Three trials so far have forced the company to pay millions in compensation to the women.

As these lawsuits are expected to grow in numbers, Banville Law is seeking to help those currently suffering. The firm has many years of experience fighting large pharmaceutical companies who have put dangerous drugs and devices onto the market, foregoing public safety for corporate greed. Attorneys at Banville Law want to assist those who believe they have been directly affected by the use of Johnson’s talcum powder. Affected individuals may be entitled to financial compensation and legal action. Banville Law is currently offering free consultations to individuals who qualify.

For more information, to schedule a consultation or to ask questions contact Banville Law at (888) 976-6742.



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